Friday, November 7, 2008

What have you guys been doing?

Manual Labor! Thats what we call it here kids...manual work for your money. We've been raking leaves. Or, as the boys like to call it: "Breaking Leaves". We've been busy. As soon as the leaves get raked and picked up, theres more falling.

Even Peyton likes to help out. I thought it was cold out - mom said it was. So i dressed Peyton in his snowsuit LOL. He had fun....

And would you believe...when the boys looked out the window to see the schoolbus go by - it had snowed!!! They couldnt beleive it " 'noo!!!! 'noo!!!! MOM! 'no!" Which ultimately meant "MOM! IT SNOWED OUT!!!!"

So last weekend, we set out. Mom and dad in the jeep and The boys and rick and I for "some christmas tree place in Pennsylvania" that dads friend had told him about. We left around 10am. At 12, we stopped at ate. Things were going great and we continued to follow dad to "this christmas tree place in Pennsylvania". We made it to North Lima and pulled over only to hear "the jeeps making a ticking noise..." yeah, we made it hours away from home and the jeep started screwing up. But we tredged on. We got on the turn pike headed to Pa. and ended up getting off a few exits later and going up and down and down and around and over and under these back roads - think the movie "wrong turn". That's about when dad decided "we're finding a way home"..... so, 8 hours and no christmas tree place later, we were home. This is about how Peyton felt about it...

Needless to say, we're trying again on Sunday. Wish us luck. so with that, i'll end with a Happy belated birthday to Aunt Becky! Also, if you havent gotten an invite to Peytons b-day party, let me know b/c i sent them via email. So...keep checking back - i have tons of pics.


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  1. thanks for the BDAY wishes, LOVE the PICS.... funny, I've been raking leaves here, too, Except I don't have the "help" that you do. Maybe I could borrow them some day?
    Would your dad happen to be talking About Kraynak's in PA.? the kids would love it. I've been there a few times when the kids were smaller, but I know I never took the turnpike. Not sure where your dad is going. Anyway, if your are going to Kraynak's have a good time, you might also want to find out if Daphne's candy factory is still open, and make sure you stop and eat at the original Quaker Steak and Lube on your way home. Oh, and if you need a half way break on your drive, we are not far off your route and the boys would be ready to get out and run a little while. xoxo Beck