Saturday, November 15, 2008

Life with Peyton - November 15th - 2007

November 15th, 2007 - Mommy and daddy went again to see Peyton in the NICU. Today, he was scheduled for a scan of his heart. They took the pictures of all around his heart and then they were able to put them all together. They gave us a DVD of it which shows Peytons heart from all angles around. They said that it's the perfect picture of Transpositon of the Great arteries. They said it could be in a text book. They took this so they knew what they could expect while in surgery, which we still didnt know what day it would be scheduled for.

Peyton was on many many different medicines. One that I recal that he was on in the NICU was the one that they discussed he would be on even before he was born. He was on prostaglanden, which helped to keep the hole between the two chambers of his heart open. I believe it was this day that they actually took him off of it. They tried to keep his oxygen level below 100 this week so the prostaglanden actualy had began to help him too much. They said he was the healthiest sick baby in NICU.
Rick finally got to hold Peyton on this day. All the tubes and wires were a mess and it took a long time getting them all situated to hold him. They took his ventilator off of him also so it made it alot easier to move him around. His face was pink from all the tape from the vent.

Peyton getting ready to go to the scan. It took about an hour to get him ready - it was like a traveling hospital room that they put him in. The monitors even went with him.

They asked us if we were interested in participating in a study for something called vein veiwer. it was like an xray machine that helped the doctors to see his veins easier. We could say yes or no and they would draw a number and if we chose a certain number, they would use the machine. They actually got to use it but it didnt work for helping him. They were using it to try and place a PIC line in him which can stay in longer than IV's. It didnt help and they poked the poor baby about 10 times before they gave up. They finally called another doctor in and he was able to get it in. Other than that, not much happened.
In real life, today is Peytons Birthday party, look forward to pictures!!!

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