Monday, November 17, 2008

November 16th - 2007

Saturday, November 16th - What a busy day it was. Mommy finally got to hold Peyton today. For the first time! It was so hard to to get him out and all situated to actually let me hold him.

Peyton was a cold baby. He couldnt have any clothes on so he always wanted covered. Whenever we would get in there, he would cry until we covered him up. The room was breezy so we put these blankets up around him to keep the "wind" from blowing on him.

This was also the day that he had his first bottle. I think he only drank an ounce or so but he did pretty good. This was his nurse helping him. He wasnt to thrilled with her. LOL.

What a long day, drinking a bottle, being held....time for a nap.

Oh yeah, this was also the day that we were allowed to put socks on him. Before they said no b/c of all the other wires and such. He seemed to like it.

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