Sunday, July 18, 2010

Wow...what an update!

Well, where to start. It's been awhile. Three boys, middle of summer...leaves mommy quite tired by the time bedtime comes around and I actually get to sit down I'm too tired to do anything. So, theres a few things I can cover here. We will start with the most important first...then work our way to the most exciting!

Alright, hang on tight it's gonna be a long ride...

Brenden and Landon had their EUA about a month ago. This was the second since Brenden had the patch. The first appointment showed that the tumor had shrunk significantly. We were pleased with the results after a month. After all of my worry and pleading, I think Dr. Singh got tired of it and moved both EUA's up to July instead of waiting again for Landon. Eased my mind. Anyways, we went this past Monday for both of the boys. The nurses were so excited to see us, it's been awhile. They boys jumped right into the swing of things and we were out quickly with nothing but good news. The tumor is GONE! He found nothing new in either of the boys either! Yeah! He wants to see Brenden again in 2 months and Landon in 6. Here's to Landon and Brenden staying cancer free.

Alright, then, we had a birthday. I had planned to write out a long detailed letter to the most wonderful children in the world...but time got away from me and that didn't get done. So, I did get some pictures however.

Since then...of course, since we've turned 4, we have had to do lots of playing in the sprinkler. Okay so maybe its just because it's hot out and it cools us down. Anyways, we got this new sprinkler thats the Crazy Daisey. The kids LOVE IT.
We also like playing in the pool since we can touch the bottom!
...and finally, our crazy exciting news that alot of you may know about and some dont. Here's what happened:

I joined a wonderful club about a year ago. A little more actually and met the best friends I could have ever asked for who are also mothers of twins, trips and more. I joined CMOMC or Canton Mothers of Multiples. I also learned of a family who had a twins and another daughter. Their singleton daughter was diagnosed with brain cancer. When she was 5, she lost her battle with brain cancer however gaining her heavenly wings. In keeping her memory alive and so she can continue to touch the lives of others through her love of the ice-cream truck, her family started a non-profit ice cream truck business called Shelbi’s Sweets and Treats. All proceeds bring children joy who are fighting this difficult disease, such as sending them to Disney, Give Kids the World, or simply buying them something they need such as a bicycle or other piece of equipment. Since this has begun, they have provided many different people with items such as a car for doctors visits and other great items......

So......Shelbi's Sweets and Treats not only reccomened us to another wonderful group called "Wishes Can Happen" but they also bought the boys bunk beds. We were able to let the boys pick out the beds that they wanted, as well as giving them a gift card for Bed sets for their new big boy beds. What an amazing wish from an amazing group! As soon as I get pictures of the bed, I'll post it!

So, they sent our information along to "Wishes Can Happen". A wonderful woman named Madelyn called me. Our converstaion went something like this:

Me: Hello?
Madelyn: Hi, Amanda, this is Madelyn, I'm from Wishes Can Happen and I just need some more information from you and then we're going to see about granting you a wish.
Me: Great, Whatcha need to know?
Madelyn: Well, tell me about your twins.
Me: They're 4 and they have Retinoblastoma. They've been cancer free for 2 years and then recently they found another tumor in Brendens eye. We go every six months for an MRI and keep an eye on their eyes as well.
Madelyn: So for now, they're doing okay? I mean, it's under control?
Me: Yeap, aside from Brendens new tumor, we're hoping the tumor is gone this next checkup.
Madelyn: Okay well, I'm going to run this by the board and I'll get back to you about it. Do you have any other kids that would go?
Me: Yeah the boys have a younger brother named Peyton.
Madelyn: Oh okay, and he's healthy right?
Me: Well, yeah, he was born with Transposition of the Great Arteries.
Madelyn: Oh wow, so you have three then with life threatening illnesses?
Me: Yeap.
Madelyn: Oh okay well when can you go to Disney? I'm not even going to run this by the board.

So......we went to Disney within a week and a half of our conversation. Check it out:

4 Day Disney Parkhopper
2 Day Universal Parkhopper
Give Kids the World

Day One
Non-stop flight to Orlando: 2 Hours
Pic infront of condo when we got to Give Kids the World
Kids "unpacked" themselves...

Ol Elmer. He actually snored, all day long and all night long.
The pool area. We played here alot. If you notice there's a picture of Peyton with a rainbow beside him. So...that's the first night.....i'll post more later, I have to get to bed for work!!!