Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The New Year Has Brought Wonderful Things!

What a great holiday season we had. So much has happened and the new year is off to a wonderful start. A few weeks before Christmas, I had a job interview with a local school district for a part time intervention position. I loved the school - it reminded me of the school that I went to when I was in elementary school. A quiet country school surrounded by corn fields. Anyways, I wasnt sure if i was going to get the job or not because they had asked me about more current testing method and I'm not familiar with it since I taught in North Carolina and not in Ohio. Anyways, just a few days before Christmas, the principal called and asked me if i was interested in the position! Heck yeah! So, Friday, i'll be going there to meet my co-workers and find out all the details.

On Tuesday January 4th, Rick and I had our final court hearing making our divorce final as we have been living separate for almost 2 years. That's a load off of my shoulders. Maybe now we'll be able to get along better without thinking about what can be held above our heads in court. I hope so because I dont think that I can handle any more stress like we've gone through.

On Wednesday - which was yesterday - we took Landon to see Dr. Traboulsi at the Cleveland Clinic for his eye appointment concerning his eyes crossing from previous surgeries. His vision improved by one line (which is good but not great). We scheduled surgery for February 22nd where they will do muscle surgery to tighten the muscles from when he had had the Radiation Plaques inserted. Since then, the thing that was easiest to tell the boys apart has been their eyes because Landons have crossed. Hopefully, they wont cross now. We'll still have to patch him to strengthen the muscles and he'll wear glasses to help him see as there is alot of scar tissue around the retina. I asked if he could have the EUA with Dr. Singh done at the same time and he said he wouldnt mind however they're not in the OR at the same time that week and they dont have to see the boys again for an EUA until April so that wont be happening. In talking to Dr. Traboulsi about all of this, he said that he will do an EUA before he does the muscle surgery in order to make sure that there is nothing that needs treated. If something does need treated, he said he would be sure to call Dr. Singh at that time and he would come straight to the OR to perform the needed treatment. He assured us that he knows what he's looking for in Retinoblastoma as he was the specialist prior to Dr. Singh. He also knows Dr. Price, who was the specialist at the Cleveland Clinic that treated me and when he moved to University Opthalmology, another took over at the Cleveland Clinic before Dr. Traboulsi did. So...things went well there. The surgery will be an in and out surgery and it will be at the main surgery center (per my request) rather than that Cole Eye Center. I prefer the main bc we've had some issues with nurses at the Cole Eye Center - nurses at the main know us and know the kids and how they need to be dealt with before, during and after surgery.

By the way, Christmas was great. I actually have tons of pictures to post on here but...I thought a Landon update was a little bit more important. I'll try and get the on here tonight.