Thursday, March 26, 2009

God Bless everyone else in the whole wide world...

Hi! I know it's been awhile but we've been out pretty much every day. Last weekend was the MoM Sale and would you believe I had soooo much stuff that I was top seller?! We did a great job and there were actually 3 of us that made over $1,000. So, that was last weekend - Rick had the boys from Friday morning to Saturday night when I was done with all the sale stuff. I also managed to sneak in some larangitis the day of the sale and the 3 following days afterwards. I'm just managing to get my voice back. We havent done much other than that as I'm trying to get the boys over their colds. It seems that every time the weather gets nice, we're doomed to get sick afterwards. We're finally sleeping though the night without coughing now.

I also spent a few days indulging myself in the Twilight books. Definatly recomending them to anyone to read. After all that, i'm searching for a sparkly vampire to sweep me off my feet - they seem better than any guy I know. LOL.

I have exciting news! Well, atleast for the boys and I. My friend Shawna had a baby about a month ago. She lives in South Carolina right over the boarder from North Carolina. Since I'm starting school again in May, I've decided to use the money that I got from the MoM Sale and go down to visit her. I know - brave huh. Me and 3 kiddos. Anyways, we're going to leave next wednesday and I'm hoping to leave early that way we can drive all day and not have to stop anywhere to sleep. I realize that I'm going to have to stop and "walk the kids" so i bought another backpack/leash for Peyton. (Ya know, for years, i swore that I would NEVER use a leash for my kids, it looked rediculious and rude. Now I own three.) Anyways, I'll be able to walk my kids like that without them running off like crazies onto the turnpike. I'm not sure how long we'll be gone but we're stopping in SC to see Shawna and her baby and then we're going to go a little further south and see Lauren and Cameron in Hinesville Georgia. We'll do some outlet shopping and then we're going to head to the beach for a day. We'll head back up to stop at Shawnas house on the way home and then we'll probably be back the following Wednesday night. I'm excited to take the boys out of state for the first time like this - other than going to Kranacks (sp?) and finally get to take them to the beach for the first time. This should be an experience. LOL.

So, as it's taken me all day to write this blog, we just put the kids to bed. Mom was doing prayers with one of the boys while I took one to the potty and then we'd switch. So, this is the conversation between Brenden and Mom that I heard while standing in the bathroom:

Mom: God Bless Mom
Brenden: God bless mom, and dad and Lan and P and Toby and Diesel (pauses)
Mom: And God bless Gi Gi
Brenden: Gi Gi and Great PaPaw and Aunt Susan (pauses...thinking)
Mom: Yeah, and Aunt Susan and Meredith and Kayden and Kaleb and Derrick and Uncle Brian
Brenden: (thinking...) Yeah, where is Uncle Brian???
Mom: Well, they're all at their houses, everyones getting ready to go to bed too.
Brenden: Yeah, and God bless Great Grandma Trescott
Mom: Yeah, Great Grandma Trescott...
Brenden: And Aunt Becky...(thinks)...where is Aunt Becky at?
Mom: Well, Aunt Becky's at home - she lives in the Boonies.
Brenden: In the Boonies? Where that at?
Mom: Uhm, the boonies, that's really far away. See we live in Louisville and Aunt Becky lives way far away in the boonies.
Brenden: Boonies this far away? (Stretches his arms way out to the sides)
Mom: Yeap, they're about that far.
Brenden: Oh....and God bless everyone else in the whole wide world.

So...that's about it for now. I'm sitting here watching idol...I'm thinking Adam Lambert is going to win. I'm all about him.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Trains Trains and More Trains

So it all started out with a commercial on TV with trains on it. The boys mouths about hit the floor, Brenden asked to see the commercial again - like we could do that, and Landon told everyone in like a 3 mile radius. WEll, before they knew it, we had even planned on going. It was at the IX Center in Cleveland and planned for this weekend.The boys didnt kow that we had already planned to take them and when we told them we had a surprise for them, they started trying to guess what it was. There were two theories. It began with the idea that they were going to go see Monster Trucks - they love them so why woudnt we take them. (2 year olds? to see monster trucks? sounds uhm, not like a good idea...) Well, their second guess and the one that they went with was we were going to eat Birthday Cake. Brenden, Landon and Grandma and Pap were blowing candles out. Not mommy though - they were adiment about that. Anyways, we took them up there yesterday and it was a great time. Check out our pictures!

Brenden, Peyton and Landon watch a HUGE train go around. It had to be atleast 20 train cars long. It was huge and they made the mistake of stopping right infront of the boys.
The boys got Thomas the Train hats and wore them the rest of the time there...and this morning...and for sure the rest of today.
I thougth this was pretty cool. This set was completely made out of Lego's. The trains, the ships, the buildings, the cars, the plants
Yeap, still all Legos...
Once again, still all Legos.
Now, they also had a section set up with train tracks and trains that the kids could build and play with. We spent alot of time here.
Anyways, we had alot of fun and got some new trains that we'd never seen before and that we obviously dont have!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Those new pics i told you about

So we finally were able to upload the pictures that we got from Ollen Mills. Here they are!

Brenden and Landon can be so totally cheesy LOL. Peyton didnt want to sit for anything!

Brenden actually took a semi good picture!

Landon was so cheesy this day!
Peyton was not wanting to cooperate either!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Go Brenden Go!

Something I forgot to share with everyone but I thought was totally cute. Our new favorite show around here is "Go Diego Go!" and it's on the lines of Dora the Explorer but for some reason, I cant stand Dora and find Diego bearable - slightly. Tolerable? I can handle it I guess. Now on Diego, if he has a problem seeing the animal that he's trying to save, he'll ask the kids to put their hands up to their eyes like Binoculars and see if they can help see them. So anyways, It's not that often that I get to take just one of the kids with me somewhere but the other day, we planned spaghetti and the sauce that we didnt have planned different. So, Brenden and I went to Giant Eagle to find spaghetti sauce (and juice and milk and treats Brenden reminded me...). Anyways, on our way out of Giant Eagle, Brenden heard the train down the road on the tracks (which you cant see from the parking lot). He goes "Mom! I hear a choo choo train! We go see choo choo?" and I explained to him as I put him in the van, throw my purse in the front seat (not paying attention exaclty to what he was doing now in the van) and then put the few things we bought in the spare seat. I looked up, hearing Brenden saying "Mom, me no see choo choo" with his hands up to his eyes like he was holding binoculars. He was truely looking for this train and was disapointed that he coudln't see it with his "binuoculars". It was one of those things that I just had to laugh when he did it b/c normally, Brenden and Landon talk and dont say much to us in the car unless it's telling us about the truck or car that we passed. So after that incident, on the way home, we went over the small bridge that goes over the creek on Miday. Brenden started cracking up and said "Mom, that bridge tickeled my belly!" Then that same night, we had to go to Aunt Kathys house for a little bit after supper. She lives in an area where the roads are all brick and a little bumpy. Landon goes "Mommy! We on choo choo tracks!" and Brenden follows up with "Mom! Aunt Kathy road tickles by belly!" When we stopped at her house, my breaks (which are new after a trip to the shop to get oil changed and tires rotated - go figure) squealed and Landon goes "Mom, there's a bird in your car" and Peyton starts going "Tweet tweet tweet!" I was laughing hysterically when I got out of the van. Anyways, I'm taking a break for the day, Rick'll have the kids for the day and I'm spending some time with my friend - we may just end up down at the farm to clean our vans out (yeah, we're cool, we have mini-vans....) So....i'll catch ya'll later :-)

Friday, March 6, 2009

Peytons Cardiologist Appointment

Well today, Peyton had his cardiologist appointment in Cleveland with Dr. Erenberg. He wasnt the happiest to see a doctor, let alone have her talk to him or try to touch him. So, while the appointment went awesome, Peyton cried and screamed the whole time. She said that you can still hear the murmer in his heart and isnt getting worse either. She said in some cases, they get better but if it doesnt, it's not exactly a big deal. They're still concerned about what they call mild pulmonary stenosis or narrowing of the arteries where they were put together at. She's not too concerned b/c he's not showing any concerning symptoms so next check up in 6 months, she'll check it. Now, she mentioned also that she's leaving Rainbow Babies and Childrens Hospital. She told us that she couldnt tell us where she was going b/c of Rainbows policy but she could tell us that she was staying in Cleveland. Then she added "You can probably guess where I'm going..." So I asked if it was the Cleveland Clinic and she said "Yes!" So we'll be following her to the cleveland Clinic for Peytons care. May as well stay with the same doctor who checked him since before he was born. Anyways, that's about how it went, pretty well and we go back this fall. That's about all!!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

So...just a quick update. I had an interview with Ashland University in Massillon. I talked to the guy that would be my advisor and it was awesome. As we were talking, i found that his wife is a teacher at Brinkerhoff in Mansfield where I did one of my student teaching blocks. Turns out that he is good friends with my cooperating teaching from there. Then, the more we talked, he used to be the Principal at the school where I did my actual student teaching at and knows the teaching that I worked with. Not that any of that matters but it was kinda nice to be back in a situation where I feel I can "network" kinda and get where I need to be. He also mentioned that some classes are internet classes so I have to have a newer computer. I told him I had just gotten a computer and we got to talking about it and he was so excited about the site that he was going to go online and look that night. Anyways, he told me before I walked out that I needed to be sure to come back to register on the 23rd of March. So....starting in May, i'll be a graduate the end of this summer, I'll have my core classes out of the way and only a few more to take - okay maybe like 7ish or so more - but either way, I'm getting there!!!! Anyways, I got bored and dyed my hair back to the color it was before I colored it redish. Ugh. Stress does that to me - I also got my hair chopped - well trimmed...