Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Chirstmas

'Twas the night before Christmas, and in our house full of grins,
Not a creature was stirring, not even the twins;
Side-by-side stockings were hung on the closet door with care,
In hopes that St. Nicholas would soon see the pair;
Our double blessings of joy were nestled, each snug in toddler beds,
While visions of remote controlled firetrucks danced in their heads;
Grandma collapsed on the couch, and I fell asleep on the floor,
It had been a long day, and soon the room was full of snore.
Alert to all sounds, there arose such a noise,
We immediately jumped to our feet, could that be the boys?
No! This came from outside and we looked on the lawn,
(ignoring the footprints traced through the lawn).
What should we see there, In front of our still-lit Christmas light display?
An amazing sight! Eight identical reindeer, leading a sleigh.
And guiding the team, pulling the reins with a jolt,
Was a grizzled, white-bearded old man (probably the dad of mults....)
Obviously used to barking out orders to a crew,
He whistled and shouted, calling out to his reindeer, two-by-two;
On to the twins' house, it's time to see,
If they have been good little boys, both Twin A and Twin B!"
And then, in a twin-inkling, we heard a noise up above,
"While on our roof," I shouted. "Do you see the twins lost gloves?"
But just then down the chimney came St. Nick with a leap.
(It was quite loud in the house, would the twins stay asleep?)
He was decked in red and white, adorned all in fur,
And with a full grin, a father of twins to be sure!;
On his back was a bag, it was filled to the brim with toys,
Could those be gifts for our boys?
His eyes -- how they twin-kled! they had such appeal,
And by the looks of his belly, he didn't miss too many meals.
His face was broad with cheeks that reminded us of bubbles,
With wide dimples that were second only to our double troubles;
He silently dodged the strewn toys and went straight to his work,
Filling both boys stockings; then turned with a jerk,
And with a jolly old chuckel, nod and a wink,
He exclaimed, "off to the Stuckeys' home, if I missed them, what would their trips think!"
My twins would be so full of glee,
Despite missing the sight near the tree.
But hopefully they heard St. Nick's farewell as he sailed off in flight,

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Halloween, Thanksgiving....

Hello blogging world! Its been a i'm going to catch up in pictures here...bear with me :-)

First, we had a Halloween Party at GGM. What an interesting party. We had alot of fun learning to dance...and wondering where Katie was... ;-)

My Dad (A factory worker - or a "dying breed") and Myself (Deputy)
Paul and Katie finally showed up. Can you tell who was who? Good thing Paul fits in well with the family....

...or he would have slapped my dad. LOL.The Infamous GAB in her Biker Witch costume and Grandma T and Aunt T (I'm gonna have to get that costume off of you.... ;-) )
Even grandma got in on the fun...

Peyton and his 2nd cousin Aniyah celebrated their birthdays together on the day after Thanksgiving. We'd been sick over Peytons Birthday and weren't able to get the family together so this was prime time!
Aniyah and her mom ready for the cake and presents and below, Peyton and I wait for the "happy birthday song" only for Peyton to scream and want to hide under the table.
Peyton really liked his cupcake. He had an odd way of eating it though.

My cousins baby shower and my finished project of the baby blanket I made for baby Neeli who made her arrival before the baby shower!

Mommy got a new phone....and it has this cute application on it that says the letters of the alphabet whenever the keys are touched on the here's Landon...looks like he's texting.

In the spirit of Christmas coming up, the boys are on a kick that they want "Remote control fire truck choo choo trains". This is what htey've asked for from Santa and it's all they talk about. (Thank God for ebay....) I think we're going to have some future Firemen on our out Adam!!

And...we've finally got rid of the binky...its a little bit rough at bedtime b/c he would normally fall asleep on his now we're back to Bedtimes from Hell but we'll work it out somehow...

So, expect christmas and .....easter pictures next with the way I'm going!