Sunday, November 30, 2008

November 27th thru 30th...last year

Well it's been a long Thanksgiving weekend. Peyton actually was able to go out to his first Thanksgiving and on the ride there, Rick and I talked about "when we were going to Thanksgiving last year...Peyton was in the hospital..."... He's grown so much since then.

So, on the 26th, there was all kinda talk about when they're going to remove his vent. Dr. Hennein actually came in and told us that they're going to go ahead and wait another day and remove it on Thursday. Then they told us that after they removed that, he would spend another day or two down in PICU and then...he'd move him up to stepdown on the 6th floor and then after he spendt about 2-3 days there we'd probably be released. They didnt want to take the vent out too soon b/c of the fluids and they didnt want to have to reintubate so they're were going to give him another day and then take it out.

Other than that, they took out his "pig tail" or the tube that drained the fluid from his chest. I didn't realize they did it and the nurse started to walk away with the box from it and I said "what are you doing with that?" and she said "oh, we took it out!" So that was good news too.

He was actually acting like himself more. He was getting fussy and cranky a little bit and he was just more acting "like a baby". When Rick came to visit on the 27th, he wasnt about to open his eyes. Rick said "you know when i leave, he's goign to open them."... Sure enough, rick said "bye Peyton, Daddy loves you" and he opened them a minute later and looked for Rick. He was such an ornry baby already.

After all of the struggles to get to where we are now, things seemed to start going better. They slowly weened Peyton off of his meds and off of his wires that were all over him.

pardon the order of picture, for some reason it wont let me rearrange them. Things have slowed down on my posting for Peyton b/c he'd been doing soooo good in the hospital so all i have are pictures to show. Keep checkin for more.

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