Sunday, July 12, 2009

Dear City of Columbus

Dearest City of Columbus,
I think that you are beautiful. All of the large buildings are marvelous and just so amazing to look at. This weekend, my family (minus the kiddos) and I visited you for a wedding and reception. I bought a new dress, not even a mommy looking dress but a stylish type of dress, I bought stiletto heels to match my dress and didn't have to worry about carrying kiddos around and I bought cute matching jewelry - heck I even did my nails for the wedding! I was excited to come visit you City of Columbus. My cousin and his new wife had booked a wedding in a well known venue...the Columbus Athenaeum. This happens to be on the corner of 4th Street and Gay Avenue. You'll see further along in my nice letter, Dear City of Columbus, why I remember that so well.Anyways, the Athenaeum is, as you most likely know, a place that has been rated in the, or a well known wedding website as one of the top wedding sites. The rooms in your Athenaeum were beautify painted to resemble marble and granite with very intricate detail.You have done a wonderful job preserving the historical aspect of this building - props to you City of Columbus. My cousin married a wonderful girl and I couldn't be happier for them. I told him that he almost made me cry, it was so beautiful. The priest was awesome, he was funny, told stories related to marriage and had a lot of useful advice that he shared with everyone. He even reminded my cousins new wife that there would actually come a day that she will wake up and he "won't be as cute as he is today". That gave everyone a chuckle. You have a funny group of people residing here, City of Columbus. The reception was fun, I spend time with my cousins and got to take time of from chasing the kids around to enjoy myself.
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Haer

My cousin Meredith and I - pretty cute for mommies of kiddos 4 and under huh...
Marissa and I

My cousins Marissa and Meredith and Myself in the middle.

Finally, around 9ish, things were cooling down and it was time to leave. Rick and I decided that we needed to go b/c we werent exactly sure of how to get back to the hotel and we'd need sufficient time to find it while it was still light out. City of Columbus, you have way to many streets, think of downsizing....quit building more. So, before we walked ourselved out into your wonderful (cough, cough) city, we said our Congrats...
Mrs. Kristen Haer and Me!

Now, dearest City of Columbus, this is where I become a little frustrated with you. Okay, alot frustrated with you. Let me share with you some things I learned about your terrible city.
1) The City of Columbus Police DO NOT respond to vandalism calls, nor do they come out to write a report.
2) File aformentoned report online?! Yeah.
3.) 9pm seems prime time to be at a bar, in line for a bar or in line getting your car valet parked?! at a bar.
4) Columbs is NOT beautiful at night, infact it's quite annoying and a little bit on the drive me crazy side (especially when my GPS is no longer in my car, I'm lost and unable to find the highway, we have 1/16th of a tank of gas, and Ricks riding in the passenger seat shielding his eyes from flying pieces of glass - sitting with his feet in piles of glass mind you.)

What I'm getting at is this:

I don't like returning to the parking lot after a reception - after anything at that matter - to the passenger side window broken out of my van and my GPS missing.... That's City of Columbus - I DO NOT LIKE YOU - not one bit... not at all.

Thanks - or not really.

P.S. To the moron that broke my window and stole my GPS, is that all you wanted? I mean it's apparent that you missed my iPod and my iPod transmitter and my 30+ Disney/Kids movies and numerous other items that were sitting around there too... ugh

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

a mixture of things

What a time. We decided to go to the Akron Zoo with the kids for the boys birthday (after partyish b/c we went after their birthday). We also met up with the Canton Mothers of Multiples Club members there. I cant tell you how many times I head (both from me and others) "hey, get back here .... whichever one you are!" Anyways, here's some cute pics from then.

We got to see the new Jelly Fish Exhibit. The boys thought it was pretty neat to see them. I never realized how many types there were.

I'm still not done with their video - and it wont be done for a few. I have to send my computer back to dell to get my SD card reader fixed on it. It wont read my memory card :-( . Anyways, I also have to send my camera in to get it fixed - once again, wont read my memory card.

Today we went to my cousin Andreas house and got all our hair "did". I got mine trimmed and colored, Peyton got his cut for the first time and actually wanted to get it cut and Brenden and Landon got their hair trimmed. They had fun playing with her daughter Aniah and fell asleep within half an hour at bedtime.
So i borrowed Ricks laptop to finish this blog as mine has taken a small vacation and i forgot to upload the rest of Peyton getting his hair cut so more of that to come...