Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Trick - Or - Treat!

Well you guessed it, Halloween is here and we're in full swing of things. Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Bee and Nemo have been trick - or -treating 3 times now - this year! First, we went to Louisville's Trick or Treat. Great until we got rained on. Second, we went to Carnation Mall and third we went to Belden Villiage Mall. Oddly enough, out of all the kids stores there, i think two of them were passing out candy - it was mainly the jewlery stores and adult/teen stores. Ironic....
Other than that, Peyton is eagerly awaiting his first birthday. November 13th here we come! BTW, save the date of November 15th for Peytons Party - it'll most likely be from about 4-6pm that way everyone can get a nap in before the party. Now, on to the pictures!

We started off at Giant Eagle and headed towards my best friends house (even though she lives in Georgia right now, her mom asked that we stop by or she "wasnt doing halloween"). In the picture below is Landon (Pooh in a pumpkin), Piglet (Emily, Landons future wife) and Brenden (the honey bee).

This picture is Piglet (Emily) who was happy to sit on anyones porch if they gave her candy. Many many times, Amber and Zach (her mommy and daddy) had to carry her off of a porch b/c she is just soooo social.

So every time we would turn around and have our backs to the boys, they would eat a sucker. If we turned, they would quickly throw it in the bucket. Cute until we caught them! That's what you call ornery if you ask me.

And last but way not least, we have NEMO. A little bit tired after a long walk around the neighborhood trick or treating. He made it all the way to the old middle school. Oddly enough, so did the rain - it was nice until we got there and the skies just opened up and ironicaly, the doors to the school were the guys ran to get the cars at Giant Eagle and Amber, Emily, Ambers Mother in law and sister in law, Bethany (our neighbor from on Kenyon) and her dog Cody, me, Brenden, Landon and Peyton all stood in the stairwell to the middle school.

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