Wednesday, February 24, 2010

All eyes on us....

All eyes Alot about the eyes to talk about this time...Peyton, well, he's been playing with Mr. Potato heads glasses. As you can see. He's keepin his mommy on her toes - that's for sure!!!

...and eating boxes? Ha the things we do to occupy these kids lol.
...aaaaaaaaaaand....we've had tons. of. snow. and we're supposed to get more. snow. ugh. I'm tired of it. I know I live in ohio, deal with it and quit complaining..

But i'm sick of it...i'm sick of 12 inches of snow at a time. This is crazy.

Finally, It's a little late to be reporting this but better late than never! On Monday of this week, we went to Cleveland with Landon. I'll start off by saying "i'm glad that it's OVER." We woke up early and headed up. We had to be there at 9 or 9:30 and we got there at 9:15....after leaving at 7. It took us two hours to get there!!! Traffic, Traffic, Traffic!!! Landon had no clue really what was going on on the way up there... once we got there, he started asking but was still okay. He was set on talking to and flirting with the nurses. (Notice in the picture above how his eye turns in? That's what was being fixed...)
He knew that eventually he'd be getting a "breathing treatment" which is when they put him to sleep. After a little bit of a wait and some happy juice, he was finally taken back. He did so good. He was saying "mommy, that mecinin made me feel funny...." and "I tant sit up, it's hard to!" When we got back to the OR, he layed on the table for them and told them all about his pictures in his photo album and then they asked him if he could count to 10. He said "Yeah!" and started to....only making it to 7.

After about an hour and a half, Dr. Traboulsi came out and told us that he was out of the OR but not awake yet. He said that there was alot of scar tissue from where the muscles had been cut prior for his surgery at 3 months old for the plaque. The muscle had apprently attatched it self to the eye and he said it was a little harder than he had expected to do because of that. However, he did it and although Landons vision wont ever be perfect out of that eye, hopefully it wont turn back in a

After a rocky wake up time in recovery, we headed home. Later that night, he was feeling back to himself.
Brenden on bottom, Landon behind him.

Brenden laughing.
Brenden again.Landon was tired....really tired...and his eye was still sore but day by day it's getting better. It looks so much straighter now. I'm so proud of him, he seems to be doing better now...not hurting so much. of my more recent favorite pics.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


* I recieved this along with Peytons "Heart Book" in the Nicu. His heart book had a list of his medications and medical terms that we were able to refer to when the doctors used that doctor talk during "rounds". It also set Peyton apart from the other NICU babies in allowing nurses to know right away that he had a Heart Defect. Apparently another NICU mother wrote this.

A New Baby to Love

All children need love, understanding and care,
someone they can count on to always be there.

But God knew some children would need more than others,
that's why He chose special mothers.

They have unique challenges right from the start,
so the Lord holds these families close to heart.

He gives them His strength and the patience to wait;
they learn that small steps bring rewards that are great.

And they come to know joys that they'd never dreamed of,
when their hearts ahve been touched by a special child's love.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Seven Hearts in Seven Days....Check it out!

Hey everyone! I just wanted to let everyone know what a good CHD Mom friend of mine is hosting 7 Hearts in 7 Days on her Blog. It's a series of blogs that spotlight CHD Moms and CHD Survivors during this week. This week is Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Week. Most of you that read my blog are family and know about my son Peyton being born with a CHD but for those of you that dont frequent my blog alot or have just come across it, when my twins were 9 months old, we found out that we would be expecting another baby. Everything went fine up until I tripped over the dog and my doctor put me in the hospital for routine monitoring. This included an ultrasound because the babies heart rate was lower and he wanted to make sure that the placenta hadn't separated when I fell. That's when we found out about Peytons CHD and our life took a crazy turn that we had never expected. Keep checking out her blog this week for Peytons CHD Story which will be featured as well as to learn about CHDs. Did you know that "Nearly twice as many children die from congenital heart disease in the United States each year as die from all forms of childhood cancers combined." Apparently I got both ends of the deal there. However, I would not ever change it for the world. I wouldn't be as strong as I am now if I wouldn't have went through all of this. Anyways, I have to run but i wanted to tell everyone to check that out. I'll try and post another tonight, once I get back home!