Saturday, June 28, 2008

Birthday Pictures!

So last weekend we had the boys birthday party...the last two posts were the video's from the first birthday party that I made and then the video from the second that i just made. Take a few to look at those if you havent seen them - they're totally cute! anyways, now here's some pictures from the boys birthday party.
This is Mommy and Daddy helping to open the presents at the begining. then things went crazy and if the present wasnt a toy, it got tossed aside and another bag was grabbed. We lost track of everything!!!This is more opening presents - mommy and daddy finally stepped back and let them choose which ones to open!
Happy Birthday to You! After everybody sang to them, Brenden clapped his hands (Yeah! Good Job) and Landon stuck a finger in the cake to eat it. And BTW I made the cake by was just a backyardigans one with a cicrus tent and some characters ontop. Wasnt the best decorating job but it was cute!
This is after the party playing with their water table that mommy and daddy got them. What a a great idea - mommy thinks to herself.... now we have a change of clothes everytime we come back inside. LOL.
I love this picture! This is GiGi caught off guard holding Peyton. Peyton had a great time too. The boys got a Power wheels 4 wheeler and he even likes to ride on it.
So...that's about all the pictures I have for today - pleanty more to come so keep checking back.

Friday, June 27, 2008

So i finally was able to upload the movie for the boys second birthday on to here. Thing is is YouTube wouldnt let me b/c it's 16 minutes long. So please, if you have time, take it and watch the movie for our second birthday. I wish that more of you could have been here from the Trescott side! the party was alot of fun! Anyways i gotta get running - more pictures later!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

We're finally two!

Wow, can you even believe that Brenden and Landon are two already? Yeap, you guessed it! Friday at 12:59 and 1:00 Brenden and Landon turned the big 2. They've grown so much in the past year...from this:

We have moved on to bigger and better things. Brenden and Landon have learned to walk, learned to talk, and have become somewhat best of friends...unless one took the others crayon or something...then they've learned to bite and smack. On a side note, they've also managed to go a whole year without having any type of treatment done for Retinoblastoma. That said, we've went from April of 2007 to June 2008 without anything but Exams Under Anesthesia. Yea! What a great thing to have happen. I never even knew that having twins would be this much fun. It's definately not a walk in the park but it's worth every minute of it. Give me a ltitle and i'll try and get out new video uploaded.... other than that, have a great day!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Peytons Girlfriend and the Swimming Pool

So, i told you about Peytons girlfriend and how well they get along. Now i have some pics to share from while they were hanging out in the hotel room in Toledo.

Uhm other than that, since it's been sooooo hot here, we finally opened the pool. Well we actually bought a pool (a three ring one) so we opened the box...same thing right? The big pool - it's still sitting in the back yard with the cover on it. Ugh. Anyways, here's some pics of our pool days. Mix these with an oddly apearing fever and crazy cough and we have some great HOT days here at the "zoo".

And here is one of my favorite pictures of Baby P. He was having so much fun watching everyone in the pool and wanted in so bad himself.

Have a great day! We're gonna eat lunch and then nappy time here we come!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Zoo, a car and some cows...

It's been awhile so i figured i'd let ya'll know what's going on. First and formost, Peyton, our big 6 1/2 month older had his cardiologist appointment this past week. She said that he looked great from what she could see and he sounded great. he wouldnt allow her to do the Echo but what are ya gonna do? It's bottle time and he was hungry - he's a growing boy ya know. she watns to see him in 4 months b/c she wants to keep an eye on things where they did the surgery. the arteries are narrow and she doesnt want them to get narrower b/c it will make it harder for the heart to pump the blood where it needs to go.
Anyways, Other news....lets see, less than a month before brenden and landons birthday! Expect an invite - it'll be out soon!!!! Uhm, Oh!!! We went to the Zoo this past weekend. Actually we ventured to the zoo and if you ask Landon "the zoo is that way" (points up to the sky) b/c we went to the Toledo zoo with our friends Lauren, Cameron and Natalie. Natalie is Peytons arranged girlfriend. At the zoo we had alot of fun looking at the animals. We saw monkeys, bears, snakes, birds, turtles and hippos and elephants. Here's some pics from the zoo.

Brenden and Landon looking at the monkeys.

So, they had a "little People" petting zoo there with all types of animals. There were Alpaca there and gerbils and birds and turtles for the kids to pet. Right away the boys noticed the baby goats. They had the goats in a large cage for all the kids to go in with their parents to PET the goats. Rick took the boys in and let them down to pet the goats and this is what happened (see below picture for the rest of the story)

The boys chased the goats from one end to another. The entire crowd watching the kids in the cage were cracking up at the boys. The one mom beside me said "Omigosh, do you see those twins in there, they look like they're having the time of their lives chasing them from one end to the other..." I laughed and put my head in my hands as they boys were screaming "eeeeee" as they were chasing them. She goes "Are they yours?" and I shook my head yes and she goes "oh bless you, let them run their energy out now...." All in all though we had a great time. They fell asleep on the way back to the hotel. What a fun time we had. Now whenever you ask Brenden what a monkey does he beats his chest and laughs. They had a great time.
Other news....we got a new vehicle. I was tired of putting the kids in and out of the Aztek. I had been looking at vans for awhile and finally settled on one. Much thanks to my parents for all the help in getting us into the van. We got a Chrystler Town and Country. The boys LOVE it b/c it has a dvd player in it and they can watch Backyardigans and go places....two for the price of one! Anyways here's a picture of it!

We also enjoy going down to the farm to see the moo cows. There's some baby cows there that the boys love to feed. They have so much fun. They grab the littlest handful of straw and feed them one strand. It's too cute.

Well that's about all i have time to post right now. Thanks for checking in!