Friday, August 20, 2010

Disney Day 2 - Magic Kingdom

Day Two Disney World - Magic Kingdom

First off, I would just like to state what a pain in the butt the parking to Disney Magic Kingdom was. It took half an hour to get from our car to the park! We parked in the lot and took the "tram" to the "monorail" and the "monorail" to the Park. In between the tram and the monorail, we had to buy the spare ticket for my parents. It was a trip and a half to get to the park! Totally worth it though! Check out the pics (I took over 1,000 ::blushing::)

The Monorail - This went from the tram drop of station through a hotel on the Disney Resort Property and onto the park. The kids loved it!

Brenden holding on in the Monorail.

Main street USA from the entrance to the park. The very front of Disney World's Magic Kingdom.

Main Street Parade

Our first stop, the Disney Train Ride...( so not the name of the ride but it's along those lines)

Main Street USA from the Train Station - Cinderella's Castle is straight down the center.

Peyton made it about half way around the train ride. First ride of the park and he's already passed out...that tells you how our day was.

When we got off of the train, as we were walking up Main Street, we were stopped by a small band playing a tune.

Cinderellas' Castle

Mr. Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland

The Winnie the Pooh Ride, we sat in a Honey Pot and rode around listening to the story of Winnie the Pooh.

Tigger and Pooh the first time Pooh met Tigger

Pooh using a balloon to try and get to the honey out of the bee hive.

Moving on we went to Mickeys Toon Town

We stopped by Mickey's house...

...checked out his pumpkins...

...and his tomatoes.

Then we headed over to check out the Princesses and Fairies at the Toon Town Fair.

Sleeping Beauty

Cinderella - Peyton went back for a hug on his own. He really liked her.

Belle (Beauty and the Beast), she asked the boys if she could bring the beast over to their castle one night. They were confused and Brenden and Landon both said "We don't live in a castle!"

Next, it was off to meet the Fairies from Tinkerbell. The boys had to "shrink down" to fairy size. Everything in the rooms were larger!

The boys met the fairy Silvermist first. She was so nice to them. I think that Landon fell in love instantly, he gave her a kiss on his own.

Next we moved onto Tinkerbell. She tapped them on the shoulder and hid.

The last fairy we met was Rosetta. She was so nice to them. She asked them where they were from and they said Ohio. When they told her that we flew to Florida from Ohio, she told them that their wings must be tired. The picture above caught Brenden with his hands up saying "But we don't have wings! We flew on an airplane!"

By the time we left the fairies, each boy had lip prints on his forehead from Rosetta kissing them on their forehead. They weren't too impressed.

On our way out, as we tried to navigate through the crowds of people to get out before the Magical Light Parade, we caught sight of the castle and the Magic Light Parade. There were way to many people to actually get a spot for the kids to see the parade but we got a few pictures on the way out and they got to see it as we passed by. I love this parade! I think the music was fun and the lights are so neat.