Wednesday, November 26, 2008

One year ago today, Peytons chest was closed up!

Last year, at this time, I had great news to share with everyone. Peyton had his chest closed up one year ago today. They had originally wanted to do it maybe a few days before hand but his chest was still a little bit swelled up and they wanted to wait for the swelling to go down. the night of the 25th, , they came in and told me that he was on the schedule for Monday morning at 7:15 am. and then they said that once he had the surgery, they would be able to remove him from the vent later on "tonight" or "tomorrow" - at the latest the following day.
He was done in surgery at 11 am and I walked into his room to see him and his eyes were open great big and he was looking all around the room. The newest concern was that he had a sore on his bottom. They thought originally that he got it from laying in the bed on echmo and in surgery. The more they talked to rick and I, the more they think that he had gotten it while in NICU from them not turning him neccessarily. Poor little guy. They thought they would have to remove a layer and then clean the wound. Now, a year later, it's still there. The poor little guy has this half inch scar across his little butt. It looks horrible and I feel terrible that there's nothing else that could have been done for it. To this day, we're not sure why he has it - other than the fact that he layed for so long on his bottom but i'm sure not every kid taht goes in there for what he had done gets explain that one.
So let me tell you that it was so hard to walk in his room after this. Knowing that he was just laying there and he was awake and he knew what was going on to the most part (Mommy was in the room with him and wasnt going to pick him up!). It was hard b/c he would be awake ALOT and I couldnt do anything about it other than stand and talk to him but thenhe would breath over the vent and the alarms would go off and we would have a big mess. So I would sit in his room that way he knew i was there but when he would fall asleep i could sneak out and get my lunch and all. By the time i'd get back, he'd be awake again.

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