Saturday, September 27, 2008

Wow that took awhile!

So it's been a few but with summer coming to a close we had to squeeze in all that outside time that we could. Aside from that, mommy got a new camera. (let me tell you the deal on this one...i'm so proud of myself. Okay, this camera retails for 299.99 at target. it was clearanced for 169.97 last week. I went in promptly when i saw the add. (the twins and I) I got there and there was only one left, the floor model. Well, here's me pushing two kiddo's in the cart, i'm on my cell phone arguing with rick (cause that's all he knows how to do i guess) and i'm trying to find this camera. They go back to find the papers and stuff and come back out with it. I asekd him if he could give me some type of a discount since it was the floor model and he said sure. He gave me 30% off of the clearanced price so i got the camera for 126.00. For a 300.00 camera!!!!!! Anyways, Here's some pics of what we've been doing.

We pressure washed the the pictures are a little bit older but they're still pictures and they're still on here right?!

We got all dressed up with no place to go. Ha ha.... No really, i was out in belden and rememberd that Wednesday at the Salvation Army was 50% off day. So i went in there and found about 6 name brand shirts in perfectly good condition for the boys and only spend probably about 3.00 there. this was one of them. (If you went to Louisville and were in reg. math in highschool and had that one teacher that wore the same types of shirts ALL THE TIME - same shirt different color with the lines and designs up the front...yeap, it's that type of shirt.)

We went to our first and second and third football games. GO BLUE!!!! or as Landon says "Bue Go!" Yeah, check out these jackets...."I wanna play for Louisville" ya dont see "I wanna play for Westbranch" coats anywhere do ya? Didnt think so. :-) BTW, what was the score of the Louisville - Westbranch game? Anyone hear that?

We went to the constitution Day parade. We waved and yelled at the marching band, saw horses, lots of cars and a few people that we knew ( Our neighbor Kara Zwick was runner up in the constitution day queens court and Lauren Hohman was the Dairy Princess or something like that!) and we waited to see if Jeff (short fingers) was in it but low and behold, no footballs this year :-( . However we did see some really cool trucks!

We had a Cleveland Appointment on the 22nd of September. Everything went well, no more cancer as of right now and nothing new to treat. We were sent to the Cole Eye Center this time rather than the surgery center b/c they're two now so they dont have to be so close to the ICU. Here, they put stamps over their eyes to help the doctor know which eyes to check...

We've managed to become severely addicted to Thomas the Train. Thanks to my best friend Laurens son for that one. (Jenny, notice the shirt....and the look on Brendens face....) We've also managed to become sick as well so this was on Brendens "sick" day where we just layed on the floor and played with Thomas all day long.

Peyton has learned to drive...or not really but he likes to be pushed in his Radio Flyer car and wave bye bye as Landon pushes him down the hill in the backyard. It's safer to keep him on the deck and block the steps than to give them wide open spaces to push him around.

We went to the farm to play and see the Moo Cows. Great Uncle Bill is home from California to visit so we got to go to the barn with him. It was so much fun! This is Uncle Bill, Brenden, Landon, Pap and Peyton.

Mommy and Brenden...tired mommy b/c of 3 sick boys. UGH. where's that shirt when i need it.

Well that's about all. Until next time....

Friday, September 26, 2008

Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Zoo...again...

So we went once again to the Zoo...we just cant get enough of the zoo... So we made the hour trek up to Cleveland to go to the Cleveland Zoo b/c the Akron Zoo doesnt have the rainforest and I wanted to go there. Anyways, we got to go to the "Touch" Exhibit with the sharks and stingrays. The boys got up quickly to see what was in the water. They were all about "petting" the stingrays until the first one swam by fast and slapped the wall with its....fin? and splashed Brenden in the face soaking him. Needless to say he wasnt happy about it. Peyton on the other hand loved the singrays...he liked spalshing in the water too.

After we left the stingray exhibit, we went to the Butterfly Gardens. It was so cool to see the butterflies just flying all around you. The boys kept going "bu-fflies - bu-fflies!" They were nice to look at but when one tried to land on Brenden he wasnt to thrilled about that.
They screached and tried to run away...from a butterfly. Ugh

I also wanted to show every one what Peyton learned to do....he's so proud of himself.