Monday, November 24, 2008

November 22 - 24 in Peytons Life...

Big things happened one year ago on these days. On the 22nd, not much happened, we just waited for him to loose some of the fluid so that they could close up his chest. That night they decided they were going to maybe take him into surgery the following day and close up his chest. He had lost alot of the fluid that they needed him to (he weighed 9 lbs when they weighed him on the 22nd and the next morning, he weighed 8 lbs.) He's filled with all this fluid. Anyways, he had lost so much fluid that they were teasing that he was an "over achiever" and had lost too much fluids. They actually had to give him more! Other than that, things had been pretty much normal - well as normal can be. So, on the morning of the 23rd, after the doctors did their rounds, they werent sure if they were going to do the surgery or not - it was up to Dr. Hennein. At about 12, another doctor came in and told us that he had decided to wait on the surgery until monday - the 26th to give the swelling in his chest more time to go down. After the chest was closed, we'd be waiting a few days for the vent to be taken off and then after that, slowly each of the other tubes would be removed. Slowely but surely....we were making it. He's such a little trooper.

On the 23rd, he looked up at me and tried to "talk" but since the vent was in, he couldnt and it ticked him off and he started to cry. he didnt want to go to sleep and he'd lay there and look around and he just looked so miserable to me. I know he didnt understand but I kept telling him that it was for the best and once he was all better, we'd be able to go home and he wouldnt have to worry about any of the tubes. He just looked so scared.

You can see the difference between a day, he looks a lot less puffy in the picture below than the picture above.

On the 23rd and 24th, Peyton had some visitors. Before they could come in, they had to be checked incase of a cold or such and children couldnt come in. Each visitor had to get a badge and wasnt aloud in without Rick or I. Peyton wasnt as sedated and actually had his eyes open alot more... on the 23rd, his Grandpa Eyler and Aunt Amy and Aunt Stacy came to visit.

On the 24th, Peytons Pap and Grandpa Trescott came to see him. He enjoyed looking at new people and having visitors, though it would get him excited and he'd start breathing over his vent again.
Peyton liked to hold hands with mommy and daddy and that's where we would spend alot of our time.

If you notice, through all the pics, his swelling is going down signigicantly...looking good for the 26th!!!!


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