Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The "Meaglonz" Wedding...

So, this past weekend, I was in a wedding. It was in Monroeville and it was for my best friend Jen. She was the maid of honor in my wedding and is also the Godmother for the twins. I was a bridesmaid in her wedding and we had the time of our life. I thought that I would share some pictures.
All of us ladies that were in the wedding party.

Brandon and all of us around him. Brandon was the best man in our wedding.

Myself at the reception. It was actually a long reception. We got there at 5 and it wasnt over until 10 but it was all so much fun...a few of us dubbed ourselves "the mommy crew" b/c at about 8 we were ready to leave and go to bed. Plus...I think those songs have gotten longer...or I've gotten older. LOL. After one song, i had to sit down for a break.
So...their wedding was on the day of the OSU vs Michigan game. No lie, the guys got in trouble during the ceremony for checking the score on their cell phones and then "flashing the score to the bride and groom with their fingers" and Brandon and Thomass were nowhere to be found before the ceremony b/c they were in the priests house watching the game. At the reception, the DJ played Hang on Sloopy or OSU's song and we were dancing and as you can obviously see, a little intoxicated and spelling out "OHIO".

The happy couple. It's not that often that you come across a couple that gets along as well as these two do. They're such a great couple and I'm so happy for them. Congratulations Jen and Brandon "Meaglonz".

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