Sunday, July 24, 2011

Summer 2011

Alright so it's been a LONG time since I've posted. We've been a little bit busy. Summer has been great to us. What an amazing year for us!!!! Check it out!!!

We went to Idlewild and Soak Zone for the weekend!

Landon, the first and only time he went down the kids water slide. The water was freezing cold!

Stylin' in the Choo Choo Wagon...

We LOVE the water!!!

Showing off the "door to his heart".... Peyton loves the water.

Brenden playing in the water.

We played in the water at home...alot!

The twins turned 5....a whole hand - finally!
We had a birthday party with family and friends!

We got new bikes for our birthday!

Me and the cutest chicky in the world....

Landon had his "girlfriend" over and gave her a ride in his Jeep and in his 4 wheeler!


Brenden and Peyton got a Mohawk...

We've done tons more I just have to have the time to upload MORE pictures!

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Friday, November 12, 2010


... Just sayin' ....

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Disney Day 3 - Animal Kingdon

Okay so time got away from me and I never posted the rest of our Wish trip. So...hold on tight, we're heading towards Animal Kingdom today.

We woke up bright and early. The previous day we had went to bed late and hadn't gotten to play with any of our new stuff from the Magic Kingdom. So while I got ready to go, the boys all played with their newest additions to our family (of toys). Our Mr. Potato Heads. Landon...he picked a Fairy. He really liked her - after meeting all the fairies. He picked wings, a wand, high heel shoes, a hair piece that looks like tinkerbells, ears with earrings and more! Brenden picked out Disney stuff like ears and mickey shoes and a pirate patch with Mickey on it. In the first pic, you'll notice the boys, and Tinker-potatohead looking for the little lizards in the dirt.

We got new Mickey Mouse hats too! They each picked a new one out and were so excited to wear them the next morning. (Oddly enough, we cant seem to find the third one. We searched the whole condo and it was gone :-( ).

Next, we headed to the common area at GKTW to meet more Disney Characters. The kids were so excited to see Bell again. She was the Princess that Brenden fell in love with and she remembered them from the day before! She said "I saw you three handsome princes in Toon Town didn't I?" and they were so excited they could hardly talk!

After we talked to Bell, we headed on to meet Pluto and Goofy.
So much do to! We hadn't even eaten breakfast yet! Did I ever tell you that at GKTW, you can eat ice cream any time of the day? Well you can! So we were off to the Ice Cream shop to eat breakfast because that's what the kids wanted.

Alright, so I didn't let them eat icecream but we did have some great scrambled eggs and bacon and toast there! Landon got to ride on the Merry Go Round Rocking Horse! This was so neat! Next, we headed to the actual Carousel to ride as many times as we wanted to. That meant like 5 times.
We also checked out some of the decorations on our way back to the condo.

And finally, we were off! Headed to Animal Kingdom for the 3rd Amazing day!

This Mountain we could see from the parking lot on the way in. It's called Expedition Everest and its actually a roller coaster ride (we were too little to ride it). Apparently it's guarded by a Yeti!

This was a beautiful place. It was based on safari type stuff. Even Mickey was dressed in Safari gear. Don't worry you'll see that later.

The boys checking out the Flamingos. "Look! Pink Birds!"

Above is an anteater! Bush in the middle and anteater on the left.

This is the Tree of Live. There are 325 animals carved into it as well as a hidden Mickey! Its like the tree in the Lion King that Rafiki lives in but way larger! Under it was a theater. It was playing " A Bugs Life 3D". Just saying...we're afraid of 3D. We left in the middle of the movie. OOPS! Moving on...

Next up was Dino Land. The bridge into this section was a huge dinosaur fossil.

The Dino Land was set up like a small carnival and they had rides for little guys. Mom and I took the kids on a flying dino one. It was so hot standing in line but...the ride squirted water! I tried to take a picture of Peyton and I on the ride. Didn't work the greatest but...

Dino Rama was a huge spinning coaster but we were an inch too short to ride it. Well, the boys were.

Next we headed to Asia where there was an awesome water ride for the kids. It was one of the ones that has the huge raft and you ride with about 8 people. The kids had a blast. The setting around and in the water ride were amazing! Check it out! There was a monkey that lived in this part below and the rags and towels hung out looked so neat all along the streets in the Asian Section.

Since the kids cant have artificial colors, it was hard finding cold drinks for them other than water and they had pretty much exausted their "want" for water. In Asia, when the kids and I had walked off on our own, we found a Coke Icee Stand. It was in this neat little building and was decorated with an Asian influence.

Next, we were heading to the new Nemo show. We came across this little fountain in a little hole in the wall area. Not may people were around when we found it so the boys took advantage of it and dipped their heads in to get cool.

Once we left, there were tons of people that had stopped to see why the kids were laughing and giggling so much. They decided to do the same.

Next it was off to see Nemo but not before stopping by a sign that I think was made for Dad.
(It says: Dusy old bones gettin' ya'll down?")

And....onto Nemo! (The Musical)

We had something like a fast pass. It was an all access pass to all the attractions at the park. Any ride or attraction the kids wanted to go on, they were able to jump right to the front of the line and some they were even aloud to go on the ride two or three times in a row!

After the show (which it was way to dark in to get pictures...), we headed for dinner at the Rainforest Cafe'. Before we could get there, we had to stop and meet a few Characters. I cant tell you how excited the kids were to see Lilo and Stitch. They RAN to them and hugged them!

Next we met Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

Peyton had an issue with lifting his shirt for every single picture that we took with a character. Not sure where this will head but... On our way out, we found Goofy, Mickey and Pluto as well as Donald Duck (on the other side) doing some fishing....

Finally we could head to the Rainforest Cafe'. I'd eaten at one before but the kids and my parents never had. They dont have them around us so I was sure to make reservations that morning when we got there for dinner before we left.

The fish in the tank of the left would continuously swim around the bottom. No stopping...nothing, just swimming. (Swimming swimming just keep swimming).

About every 20 minutes, the lights would turn down and the whole resteraunt would get dark and lightening would flash and you would hear thunder. The elephants, all obviously moved by computerized parts, would stop their feet and trumpet their trunks. This FREAKED the kids out and we had to move seats at first. Peyton made it halfway through dinner and passed out in his high chair.

So Grandma look the sleepy kiddos outside and Mommy went shopping in the store at the Rainforest.
Landon posing...little did he know what was creeping up beside him.

(A Leezaard!)

Finally we headed back to GKTW.

Because it was Christmas in July there and each Thrusday, the kids were able to select presents and sit on Santa's lap. We also got to go swimming...again! They loved it.

(The little girl in the picture above turned 7 on this day. I couldn't tell you what she had becasue I don't know but she was feistier than my boys all put together! Santa did a cute wish thing with her using a "star". It was great!)

I love these pictures from the pool. The kids loved it and would have spent all day there if we let them.

Surfs Up!!!

Give Kids the World...what an AMAZING place.

Finally, we called it a night...after a whole Disney Park, eating at The Rainforest Cafe' and meeting our favorite Disney characters, sitting on Santa's lap at Christmas in July and swimming. What a day!