Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Valentines Day 2010....a little bit late.

So I know Valentines day has come and gone however, our pictures from it have yet to be posted. The boys had the Friday before valentines day off for whatever reason from school. This meant that we had a free morning to do whatever before they had to go to their dads house for the weekend. I decided that since we're sooooooo into firetrucks, firemen and dalmations, that I would take them to build a bear and get the new and limited time dalmation. I know we don't need another stuffed animal but they're totally into dalmations and all the other stuff. So off we went. So Rick went with us to corral kids in the mall...coulda had ten more people helping out becasue those kids were wild. Mommy got the crazy idea to just take one stroller in for three kids. A single stroller mind you. They all fought over who got to push it. Didnt exactly work.

Brenden was cheesin with his new fireman dalmation dog. LOL, He named it "Igotta Firedog"...very specific.

Landon and his new police man dalmation. He named his "Hydra" from one of their Sesame Street books about firefighters.

Peyton being goofy with his puppy. He wasnt too fond of staying still long enough to name or get a birth certificate for his puppy unless he could type in on the screen himself. Needless to say, didnt exactly work out. His was gererically named "Valentine Dog". Cute huh.

Can you tell they love each other? On occasion? LOL, well regardless they had a blast. I actually took my camera to the store to get pictures of them doing it. I even made sure that I had a new battery in it. However, absent minded as I've been recently forgot and left my memory card at home...in my computer. Wont do much good there will it. So, you'll have to settle for these pictures.