Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Peytons girlfriend...

Well, Aunt Beck guessed it. We went to Kraynacks - that was "the Christmas store in PA that sells christmas trees". This time, we never headed south on the turnpike, nor did we get on the turnpike. We did however, make it there in 2 hours, if not a little less. We also spend 2 hours in there. If you have little kiddos (Kristin!) you should definately go. There are tons of decorations to buy and such but...theres a large toy section (think farm toys, dolls, thomas stuff and more!) Then, there's a large wonderland that's filled with music and characters like elmo and oscar and the grinch. Anyways, we made it there and mom and dad found their christmas tree. The first time ever that we've had a fake tree here. ugh. Anyways....i have some more pictures to post.

This is Peyton and his future wife. Her name is natalie and it's definately a planned wedding. She's 7 months old and the daughter of my best freind Lauren. LOL, Peyton, at a year old, weights 19lbs and she weighs more than that. LOL. She's too cute and Peyton seems to think the world of her. Lauren and her kiddo's live in Georgia and she just came up for the holidays. Peyton got a big smile when he saw Natalie and he instantly went to give her a kiss. She slapped him in the face. Poor Peyton.

Natalie is still perfecting crawling and even standing on her own so Peyton was showing off when he crawled over to her and stood up beside her. They're even the same height.

Finally, Peyton got to give Natalie a kiss. No slap this time either.

Mom was digging through the attic putting some stuff up there and found a wig from Halloween. Brenden was affraid to put it on but Landon and Peyton tried it. I guess this is what a girl would look liek if we were to have one. LOL.

So...tomorrow is Peytons Birthday. Saturday is his party! Hope to see you all there!!!

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