Thursday, January 29, 2009 they'll wear glasses...

So for Christmas, my best friend Ambers mom got the boys those straws that we loved as kids...ya know, the ones that are glasses and you put one end in the cup and the other end in your mouth. Now, I had a pair of these when I was younger...dont recall if I liked them or not but...i'm pretty sure that my mom prolly didnt. Anyways, she got these for them and they LOVE them. LOVE them. So...without wasting anymore time..Brenden trying to figure them out. As a side not, we found new shirts that fit our personalities just great. Brendens says "NO! You Calm down!"

We finally got them working. They're just so cool...hahaha - and great fun to wash.
Landon helping Brenden drink out of the cup.
Brenden helping Landon drink out of the cup.

Landons shirt, which you cant see in the pictures, says "I do all my own stunts" and has a stick figure on it. Fits perfectly. Peyton was wearing one that night that said "Night Watch". Which brings me to my next topic, Peytons newest pasttime is sneaking back to the bedroom and crawling into the toddler beds - only to crawl out face first.
Then the boys decided that if he's going to be in their beds, they'll just get in his bed...and so I found them tonight - in his bed. Check out the height that Landons getting as he's jumping - which is why we put them in toddler beds.

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