Monday, January 19, 2009

Stuff they dont teach you in school and Landons Appointment

Well after spending an interesting day down at the farm "washing my car" and "cleaning out the inside"...i learned a few things (ya know, the type of things they dont teach ya in school) 1.) The hole in the back of the woodburner that you can see flames through - it's NOT supposed to be there. 2.) There's atleast one hot nut down there and Jeffs not afraid to touch it. 3.) Peytons shorter than the boys b/c it runs in the family ;-) ....and Aunt becky reminded me that I never posted about how Cleveland with Landon went.This is our little trooper. I went in irate with the doctor. Last time we were there, I wasnt able to meet him or talk with him b/c Peyton was getting his exam done at the same time. So when he came out with a perscription for glasses and a box of patches, I wasnt a happy camper. I know why his eyes are turning in - it doest take a rocket scientist. They're turned in ever since they had to cut the muscles to put the radiation plaque in. So now, his vision isnt the greatest, he wont wear glasses and the patch wouldnt stay on longer than ten minutes AND we had to wait three months from the time of scheduling to get him in. So we got there and I was determined to go in and tell that doctor that Landon needed the surgery - Dr. Singh seemed to think so too. Anyways, they checked Landons vision and he did great. He could name the Christmas tree, House, Horse, Jeep and birthday cake with ease - with his left eye. The right eye wasnt so great.'s what's going on. The doctor knew what my plans were b/c I had already told his nurse and she wrote it down. So, he said to have Landon wear the patch for 4 hours a day. After 4 hours, he can take it off. Do this for 3 months and then we're going back. At the next apointment which is scheduled in April, we'll see how his vision is. Wearing the patch should improve his vision as it's straitens out his right eye as soon as you put it on. Dr. Traboulsi said that if his vision has improved and his eye has started to straigten out on its own, then we'll do the surgery to straiten them out. The problem with doing the surgery now is that if his eyes arent straight b/c of his vision, then doing the surgery wont matter b/c they'll turn back to compensate again. So, for now....Landon knows this:

...and that's about all. Have a great day - i'm off to find a hotwheel price guide so I can sell all these cars.

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  1. Ahhh, yes...those little "life lessons." OH and by the way, you did a really nice job on your car. You worked real hard and it paid off for you.