Monday, January 26, 2009

There's no days like snow days....

Well, these are the pictures that I couldnt find to post from when the last big snow hit us. They were burried beneath all of the car pictures that i have to sell. Anyways, I thought they were all kinds of cute and I wanted to get them posted eventually.

Okay, so we made a snowman....and got a little bit distracted in the process....Landon sitting on the snowman in picture above.
Learned how to make snow angels...I think they should be called "snow heathens" b/c that's definately what these two are. LOL. Brenden and then Landon in the pic above.
Brenden on top of the snowman...they thought they were pretty much cool. LOL.

And the finished product plus two frozen kiddos. We had to make it in the backyard in the way back b/c Peyton couldnt see it from the window if we made it closer.

And...Ally asked what I was going back to school for. It started out that I have to renew my license to go back to teaching b/c I only have a 2 year license. So, i knew that I could take classes towards my masters and use them to renew my license. You have to have your masters completed within 5 years I believe. Anyways, I went to Ashland (Massillon Branch) to talk to them about taking classes for renewing my license and the awesome lady I talked to gave me a great idea. She mentioned about taking classes towards getting my reading endorsement as well. So....since they're all going to go towards teh same thing, I can go back to school for my masters ( A masters in Curriculum and Instruction: Literacy), renew my license (woo hoo i'll be able to teach again!) and get a reading endorsement all at the same time - which is awesome. Plus, Ashland is offering a buy one get one free tuition this summer. I'll pay for one class and take two!'s to summer classes, a new computer getting myself back on my feet.

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