Friday, December 19, 2008

Random stuff and Cleveland Update

LOL, okay - i was having fun with the camera snapping shots and.....I took this of Peyton.
My two crazies ??under the highchair?? What are they really thinking? This seems to be the cool place to hang out. They're total goobers (see picture below). I think that Brendens got the smiling thing


Today, in the midst of the icy rain, we had to venture to Cleveland. That's right. The boys (Brenden and Landon) had their doctors appointment with Dr. Singh.Brenden when he was brought out into recovery. He has never gotten this red before right after surgery. Anyways, the good news? Dr. Singh didnt find anything!!! He said that he couldnt beleive how big they were getting. Also, He said that he's sure that Brenden has 20/20 vision. Thank God, after all he's gone through, he didnt turn out needing to have his eye removed like I did and he's got awesome vision.
Landon when he came out into recovery. He had the tube in his mouth still to help him breath and keep his tongue down. We had to keep an eye on it though b/c last time we were there, he woke up and bit his lip b/c of it. That ruined the whole day. Anyways, Dr. Singh didnt find anything new with Landon either which is awesome news! It's been over a year now! He says that as far as Landons vision goes, he wants to wait and see what Dr. Traboulsi says about his eye turning in. In our opinion, it's because when the muscles were reattatched, they were swollen and didnt get attatched tight enough. That is causing the eye to turn in. But...just our opinion. So...that's about it for now.

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