Monday, December 29, 2008

Brenden, Landon, Peyton: Professional Unwrappers

Okay, well it's that time of the year. Time for wrapping and unwrapping and more unwrapping and even more unwrapping! Our first stop to unwrap presents was on Christmas Eve Day at Laurens House. She was so excited b/c she had made stockings for the boys (Thomas the Train stockings...) and as you know, we're huge Thomas Fans.
Brenden opening his present from Aunt Lauren. They were sure what to do at first and were confused but after the first present and no one yelled at them for ripping things open - it was like they had been unwrapping all their lives.

Peyton opened his present from Aunt Lauren but then became distracted by Natalie and her new toy. The boys all got her a new jumpy and dance toy that plays music and sings and blinks and makes alot of noise - Lauren was sure to thank us for this and vowed to get even until I told her that I got one for Peyton too. When Peyton and Natalie were playing with this, he would hold the bear on the top still for Natalie to eat. LOL.

Right before Natalie opened her present, Landon seemed to think that Natalie needed help.

Our second stop was at Ricks moms house ( even though we were going there on Christmas too...????) Below is Brenden and Landon opening their presents.

After a full day of opening presents on Christmas Eve, we went home for a nap in time for mommy to finish wrapping the presents and Daddy to go to a party (ugh). After a short nap, it was full blast toys again and bedtime couldnt come soon enough. Needless to say, the kiddos were in bed and eagerly awaiting Christmas - even though I'm pretty sure they're not sure what they were so excited for.

Christmas Morning as they came rushing down the hall in unison you hear: "Oh wow!" and it was non stop from then on.
Brenden and Landon opening a matchbox city - finally something to drive cars on other than mommy's legs and feet.

Peyton is definately a professional using only one hand to open presents. What a little trooper lol.

This was the Thomas the train sets that they boys got from Santa this year. We only had a pack of track and about 20 trains before this. Santa sure was good to these three Thomas Nuts. If you ask them what their favorite present was they'll tell you matter of factly: James (the red train from Thomas).

Well, i have more pictures to share but i'ts about time i go to bed...we're switching to toddler beds and it's like Nanny 911 Hell. Really. Check for more later!

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