Thursday, December 4, 2008

Just a day of rest and relaxation

Just a day to relax and get better. Peyton was looking forward to his carseat challenge. They had moved rooms on us and though we were still in the PICU. They had decided not to move us to the other floor. Thank God b/c the PICU was right down the hall from my cubby hole or what they call, my room. Anyways, On the 5th he was going to do the carseat challenge. He had to keep his stats up while in a carseat for 2 hours. I also learned wtih the help of a nurse how to tell when he was having issies with his heart. When the machine would go off, I knew what to look for if it were bad or not. Knowing that, I could figure out why it was happening. Peytons heart would occasionally race and have too many beats. I figured out that this only happened when he was crying or upset. Good thing to know. Anyways, besides that, he just relaxed and recovered. They did some tests on his like the ECHO on his heart to make sure it looked good and it did!

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