Saturday, December 6, 2008

I'm coming home!

Peyton doing his carseat challenge on the 5th. He passed it with flying colors. He had to keep his stats up and keep relatively calm over the two hours. LOL, they were worried about it - Peyton slept for the whole two hours. He kept his stats up and they were so proud of them. He was aloud to leave!

One year ago today, we brought Peyton home. Let me tell you what a fanclub he had waiting to tell him good bye. He had numerous doctors and nurses there to see him off. They called him "Peyton Manning" even though we did not name him after Peyton Manning. They would get him up and walk around at night with him getting him used to being moved around and all and they'd fight over who got to walk him around at night.
This is Dr. Zhacka and a med student. Dr. Zhacka came in alot to see Peyton, he was also his pediatric cardiologist. He seemed to think the world of Peyton. When we left the hospital and had to schedule for Peytons appointment, unfortunately, Dr. Zhacka was on vacation and we are now seeing a different doctor.
This is the night nurse that ended up walking Peyton around alot at night. He seemed to like her, and was fussy with most other nurses.

Brenden and Landon meet peyton for the first time. He was so bundled up i'm pretty sure they didnt know what he was. They both just said "baby". Soon after, it turned from "baby" to "baby PP" it's just "NO NO BABY P!"

What a happy family. Brenden and Landon werent the happiest baby or not. All in all, they love their little brother. I guess he's grown on them. LOL.

Anyways, happy one year coming home anniversary! Yeah for our beautiful little heart baby. He's come so far.

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