Friday, October 2, 2009

Playing Catch Up...

Wow, amazing what sitting and looking at the pictures on my page will do - i'm thinking - Gosh it sure has been a long time since I've posted. What's happened in that time...lets see.

My parents (we live with them at the moment until I can get us out and on our feet) went on vacation to Missouri. While they were gone, I dropped the kids off at their dads house, had a great weekend spending time with some friends and family that I hardly get to see.

Amber and I enjoyed a night away from the kids when we went down to the party at the farm. What a night... ::insert eye roll here::
Aunt Becky (GAB) and Uncle TomAunt T and her boyfriend Ed....
Ed, Uncle Tom and Jeffrey

After my "weekend" was over on Sunday morning, I jumped in the shower and enjoyed the last of my quite time before I picked the kiddos up. Then...i turned off the cold water. Turned off the hot water, only to have the hot water knob and pipe come off in my hand, spraying me with scalding hot water. Jumped out of the shower, bruised and burnt my legs and called for help. The first of many calls to my dad - who was in fact in Missouri. After a long conversation with dad and mom trying to explain to them that not just the knob but the whole dang thing came off in my uncle came over to try and fix the problem. Well, all of that resulted in no water for the rest of the week unless I turned it off and on downstairs. Nice... so we got through that and I thought things were under control when I was washing dishes and realized I was standing in a pond. You guessed it, a pipe under the sink had rusted through and apparently decided that it as a great time to have a gaping hole in it allowing all the water to just flow on out. Alright, fine I gave up and took the kids down to grandma's house - which was convenient b/c she was on vacation with my parents so we had the house to ourselves for bath time (it could get a little crazy and it may have drove grandma up the wall).

Brenden, Landon, Cameron, Natalie and Peyton checking out the moo cows....the too little ones could call the cows by going "COW!!!"
Natalie, Peytons girlfriend checking out this farm stuff all the boys are so excited about.Bathtime at Grandma T's, they woudlnt sit in the tub, they kept kneeling b/c the mat in the bottom of her bathtub apparently has a few holes in it and when they would sit, it would suction their butts to the bottom of the tub.
Remember all these toys? Yeap, still under the spare bed...
Anyways, between that and here and there, I stopped in at the lawyers and filled out papers. Peyton flirted with the receptionist and she requested that we stop in everyday for her to flirt back with him. He's such a ham.

The boys are doing great in preschool. Landon has a girlfriend that he talks about constantly. He tells us what toys they both played with and if she was at school or not. She's an adorable little girl too! Both boys have learned the "hello song" and sing it at night while they're pretending to go to bed.

We "dug taters" at the farm finally. The boys waited all summer to dig them. They had grandma up there one day digging them with a shovel but when that didnt work, we got Pap out there with the tractor. We even got Aunt Theresa out there to help!!!

My kids are total dirt balls...all the time. They're definatley going to be country boys. There's going to be a few girls out there that are pretty darn lucky. So...we carted all the "taters" back to the garage...

Taking the tractor down to the garage was a hard thing to do, it took one Pap, one Peyton and one Brenden...Landon oversaw with the help of Grandma and made sure that no "taters" were hurt in the process. Once we made it back down to the garage, the boys counted, dumped, picked up, tossed and who knows what else with the "taters'.

Well, i think that's about it for now. I'm tired of sitting i'm gonna get up and pack the kids stuff for their fathers house and then see how my weekends going to go.

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