Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Checking Out the Fair

So, last night was the first night for the county fair. We went last year but there wasnt much that the kids could do at their age. This year, they're a little bit older and more into rides. We started off watching the Marching Band show. Landon thought there were other things that we could be spending our time on. Brenden clapped and marched with the bands and really got into it. We left there for a while and spent some time riding rides.

For some reason, I forsee this in our distant future (think 13 years....) All three boys riding in a car together. This could spell trouble.

After the boys rode on pretty much all of the car rides, we all went on the Ferris Wheel. Peyton wasnt sure about it but once he realized he could see schoolbusses from the top, he was better.
After we rode the Ferris Wheel, we headed for the swings. They were the only kids on the swings (I'm telling you, weekdays at the fair is the best time to go with little kids.)
Then, we headed for the roller coaster, once again. Believe it or not, my two crazies headed for the first car. Brenden told us "Mom, see you have to put your arms up when you go down the hill and scream." So that's exactly what he did. (First picture they're the 3rd car back. Second Picture they're the first car).
After the roller coaster, we headed for the tractors and animals.. Of course. An obvious stop for our family.

After we went to the tractors, we made one last stop at the Carousel. Landon and Peyton were a bit affraid at first but once it started, they raced to see who's horse would win.

Overall, we had a great day at the fair!!!! Infact, they think that they would like to go back today...and tomorrow, and the next day.....


  1. I plan on taking our boys on Saturday and am so excited. Something about the fair brings out the kid in all of us

  2. 1. I just gave you an award - come see!
    2. Are you doing the Blog for a Cure?