Saturday, October 3, 2009

Soccer MoM's here I uh, Football?

So I thought when I got my Town and Country that my life was set. I have three kids...I drive a mini-van - i'm on my way towards soccer mom status...or where we live - Football Mom Status...or...Band Mom Status? (On a side not, Brenden told us the other night that he wanted to be in the "marching band" but not just any marching band....he said "Wooisvilles Marching Band....and be in da parades and det tandy...." ) However, after I got the most recent letter from the preschool teacher, I know I'm there. At the beginning of school, I signed up to help out in the room for parties and such - ya know, a room mother. Never did I expect:

"Would you like to plan a small Halloween Party - Perhaps 1 game, 1 craft and a snack?"

(and it continued with a list of names that I could contact of others that had signed up to do the same). It's official, I'm a room mother.

Call me crazy but so soon??? LOL. Anyways, for those of you that live around here and would like to support the Leopards, the boys are selling Louisville Leopart shirts which apparently can only be purchased through the schools. Decent prices too so let me know if you are interested!!!! GAB, I wont tell anyone if you want to buy one... ;-)

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