Friday, October 16, 2009

Why would you make Marshmallows with the color Blue?

I would just like to state how much it ticks me off when everybody else seems to think that colors dont affect my children. I didnt give them any...our house has no colors in it that these children eat. Their father claims that he didnt give them any this weekend and I beleive him b/c they were fine up until the point of like....2 days ago. Now, they came home from SCHOOL (they know about the color issue and have told us that they would work with us...) discussing the ladder they made at school out of frosting, marshmallows and grahm crackers.... didnt think anything of it...until this morning when at 7:30 they were freakin out running through the house bouncing off the walls. Then I thought - hmmmm frosting - even though it was white (unless it's Duncan Hines) has colors in it. What are the chances of them buying a frosting that IS Duncan Hines for a school snack - it's definatly not the least expensive one. Then...i thought more and mom brought up the point that unless they're generic marshmallows, Kraft Marshmallows have Blue in them. I know! They're White! But they have blue in them. So, once again, for the second week in a row, i'm about to lose my mind yet holding my own and figureing out new ways to work with my kids to calm them down. My kids are on colors. Their father will get them when they're "coming off of colors".

If you get a chance, check these links about the effects of food colors out - they're so true:

Die, Dye! The Effect of Food Dyes on Childrens behavior and thinking

Food Additives

There's more kids are on colors, they're ready to tear the house down....

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  1. I had no idea about colors in foods. I am going to do more research now. Thank you