Tuesday, March 3, 2009

So...just a quick update. I had an interview with Ashland University in Massillon. I talked to the guy that would be my advisor and it was awesome. As we were talking, i found that his wife is a teacher at Brinkerhoff in Mansfield where I did one of my student teaching blocks. Turns out that he is good friends with my cooperating teaching from there. Then, the more we talked, he used to be the Principal at the school where I did my actual student teaching at and knows the teaching that I worked with. Not that any of that matters but it was kinda nice to be back in a situation where I feel I can "network" kinda and get where I need to be. He also mentioned that some classes are internet classes so I have to have a newer computer. I told him I had just gotten a computer and we got to talking about it and he was so excited about the DellOutlet.com site that he was going to go online and look that night. Anyways, he told me before I walked out that I needed to be sure to come back to register on the 23rd of March. So....starting in May, i'll be a graduate student...by the end of this summer, I'll have my core classes out of the way and only a few more to take - okay maybe like 7ish or so more - but either way, I'm getting there!!!! Anyways, I got bored and dyed my hair back to the color it was before I colored it redish. Ugh. Stress does that to me - I also got my hair chopped - well trimmed...

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  1. Hi! I'm glad to see you and your boys are doing so well. I can't believe how big Peyton is already!!

    Mom to Luke - TGA, VSD