Friday, February 27, 2009

Sick, Sick and more...

SICK!!! I'm talking 103.5 temps and all the other stuff that goes with it. I'm sick and tired of sick. Ugh. Monday night, Brenden went to bed with a fever of 102.2. Little did I know what was going to come of the next few days. Brenden woke up that night getting sick and with a temp of 103.5. It just got worse from there. By the next day around noon, Landon had the same thing and was laying on the couch vowing to never eat again. He wanted nothing to do with food. Anyways, after a few calls to the Dr. and some trips to the medicine shop (which sells non colored Anti-biotics *remember that post about Red #40? Well it's in most kids medecine too...* Walmart doesnt carry non colored antibiotics. ) Anyways, at the end of the week now, we seem to be getting over the fever and other issues that go along with it but we're still feeling kinda under the weather with a cough. Who made the rule that tall three kids had to get sick at the same time? Anyways, below is pretty much how we spent Tuesday. Did I mention pictures were scheduled for Wednesday? Needless to say, Wednesday came and went and I rescheduled pictures. We finally got them done today. I'll definately post them, hand some out at Grandma C's and head down to the farm with them to hand some more out ;-) .
So, the night before last, which would have been Wednesday night, I went into check the boys before I went to bed, like I always do. Now, we've caught them sleeping in each others beds before...but never in the same bed...until now:
Totally cute. Totally. Now, today's my B-day. Since the boys cant have the food coloring, we had to revamp our Birthday plans for a cake. No more icecream cake because the frosting definately can contain coloring. So, angel food cake doesnt contain it (though the Funfetti Cakes do...) and we put a little twist on the Angel food cake. We cut the cake in half.....and layered it with whipped cream and strawberries:
After that, we put the top back on:
Then, we finished off the whipped cream on the outside and layered the top with strawberries...
Looks good huh. But who was to we had to taste test.....

Well, I guess it's good. We'll have to wait until later to find out. Gi Gi and Great Pa Paw are coming over for dinner ... Have a great day!!! I'll share the pictures when they come in!!!

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