Saturday, March 7, 2009

Go Brenden Go!

Something I forgot to share with everyone but I thought was totally cute. Our new favorite show around here is "Go Diego Go!" and it's on the lines of Dora the Explorer but for some reason, I cant stand Dora and find Diego bearable - slightly. Tolerable? I can handle it I guess. Now on Diego, if he has a problem seeing the animal that he's trying to save, he'll ask the kids to put their hands up to their eyes like Binoculars and see if they can help see them. So anyways, It's not that often that I get to take just one of the kids with me somewhere but the other day, we planned spaghetti and the sauce that we didnt have planned different. So, Brenden and I went to Giant Eagle to find spaghetti sauce (and juice and milk and treats Brenden reminded me...). Anyways, on our way out of Giant Eagle, Brenden heard the train down the road on the tracks (which you cant see from the parking lot). He goes "Mom! I hear a choo choo train! We go see choo choo?" and I explained to him as I put him in the van, throw my purse in the front seat (not paying attention exaclty to what he was doing now in the van) and then put the few things we bought in the spare seat. I looked up, hearing Brenden saying "Mom, me no see choo choo" with his hands up to his eyes like he was holding binoculars. He was truely looking for this train and was disapointed that he coudln't see it with his "binuoculars". It was one of those things that I just had to laugh when he did it b/c normally, Brenden and Landon talk and dont say much to us in the car unless it's telling us about the truck or car that we passed. So after that incident, on the way home, we went over the small bridge that goes over the creek on Miday. Brenden started cracking up and said "Mom, that bridge tickeled my belly!" Then that same night, we had to go to Aunt Kathys house for a little bit after supper. She lives in an area where the roads are all brick and a little bumpy. Landon goes "Mommy! We on choo choo tracks!" and Brenden follows up with "Mom! Aunt Kathy road tickles by belly!" When we stopped at her house, my breaks (which are new after a trip to the shop to get oil changed and tires rotated - go figure) squealed and Landon goes "Mom, there's a bird in your car" and Peyton starts going "Tweet tweet tweet!" I was laughing hysterically when I got out of the van. Anyways, I'm taking a break for the day, Rick'll have the kids for the day and I'm spending some time with my friend - we may just end up down at the farm to clean our vans out (yeah, we're cool, we have mini-vans....) So....i'll catch ya'll later :-)

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