Friday, March 6, 2009

Peytons Cardiologist Appointment

Well today, Peyton had his cardiologist appointment in Cleveland with Dr. Erenberg. He wasnt the happiest to see a doctor, let alone have her talk to him or try to touch him. So, while the appointment went awesome, Peyton cried and screamed the whole time. She said that you can still hear the murmer in his heart and isnt getting worse either. She said in some cases, they get better but if it doesnt, it's not exactly a big deal. They're still concerned about what they call mild pulmonary stenosis or narrowing of the arteries where they were put together at. She's not too concerned b/c he's not showing any concerning symptoms so next check up in 6 months, she'll check it. Now, she mentioned also that she's leaving Rainbow Babies and Childrens Hospital. She told us that she couldnt tell us where she was going b/c of Rainbows policy but she could tell us that she was staying in Cleveland. Then she added "You can probably guess where I'm going..." So I asked if it was the Cleveland Clinic and she said "Yes!" So we'll be following her to the cleveland Clinic for Peytons care. May as well stay with the same doctor who checked him since before he was born. Anyways, that's about how it went, pretty well and we go back this fall. That's about all!!!

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