Sunday, March 15, 2009

Trains Trains and More Trains

So it all started out with a commercial on TV with trains on it. The boys mouths about hit the floor, Brenden asked to see the commercial again - like we could do that, and Landon told everyone in like a 3 mile radius. WEll, before they knew it, we had even planned on going. It was at the IX Center in Cleveland and planned for this weekend.The boys didnt kow that we had already planned to take them and when we told them we had a surprise for them, they started trying to guess what it was. There were two theories. It began with the idea that they were going to go see Monster Trucks - they love them so why woudnt we take them. (2 year olds? to see monster trucks? sounds uhm, not like a good idea...) Well, their second guess and the one that they went with was we were going to eat Birthday Cake. Brenden, Landon and Grandma and Pap were blowing candles out. Not mommy though - they were adiment about that. Anyways, we took them up there yesterday and it was a great time. Check out our pictures!

Brenden, Peyton and Landon watch a HUGE train go around. It had to be atleast 20 train cars long. It was huge and they made the mistake of stopping right infront of the boys.
The boys got Thomas the Train hats and wore them the rest of the time there...and this morning...and for sure the rest of today.
I thougth this was pretty cool. This set was completely made out of Lego's. The trains, the ships, the buildings, the cars, the plants
Yeap, still all Legos...
Once again, still all Legos.
Now, they also had a section set up with train tracks and trains that the kids could build and play with. We spent alot of time here.
Anyways, we had alot of fun and got some new trains that we'd never seen before and that we obviously dont have!

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  1. Can you believe I forgot to blog about this!! I'm slacking on my blogging. I'll do it tomorrow. Can I just borrow your post?? hahahaha