Sunday, February 15, 2009

Potty Training and Red #40

Well, we've been in potty training city. And...we're almost out! The boys have gone for the past few days with no accidents. We have also ventured out to the store and back before needing to go potty again! I think we're on the verge of something!!!! Yeah!!! Only one more kid in diapers now! Okay, well i'm getting a little bit ahead of myself - we have to master no diapers at night too but we've almost got naps down!

We have also had a new breakthrough in Nanny 911 Naps and Bedtime from Hell. I was talking to a few people and looking online and found that the artificial colors in foods can cause ADHD Type symptoms. I began thinking about what the boys eat that they never ate before we moved in with Mom and Dad. When we lived in the apartment, we ate what we could get from WIC for obvious money reasons or lack thereof. We ate cereal like Cheerios and Kix - now that we live here at Mom and Dads aand the boys are a little bit older, they've began eating cerals like Stawberry Frosted Mini Wheats and Captain Crunch. We're also taking vitamins now which we didnt take before when we lived in the apartment. The more I looked into this, I found that the artificial color Red #40 causes alot of these problems along with Yellow #6. Yeah, I know, colors and numbers shouldnt be blamed for the way that kids act - BUT THEY CAN! Let me tell you, since I decided about a week ago to change what they eat and make sure that nothing has artificial colors in it, the boys have been completely different. Since we've moved in here, Landon has become so hyper, bouncing off the walls and taking anywhere from 1 -2 hours to go to bed and that's with someone watching them so they stay in bed and fall asleep. I know, i know, it soundsl ike they're 2 and thats what two year olds do right? Wrong! Since we've taken out the artificial colors, it has taken us maybe half an hour to put them to bed and for the first time since we got their toddler beds, I layed them down on my own and they stayed in their beds and were sleeping within 20 mintues. Now, sure, we may have just been getting lucky but today proved it all. Rick is in their room trying to get them to bed - why? Because they wont stay in their beds and they're jumping all over the place b/c he gave them fruit punch - with Red #40. I'm just sittin here watching b/c I didn't give it to them. He can learn firsthand why I changed what they eat. Anyways, its about time for my show to come on so there'll be pictures and such later. Have a great night!!!

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  1. That is awesome! I have heard of many people who have made similar connections....