Monday, April 27, 2009

Wii Love It!

So I never posted that we got a Wii about a month ago. I was determined to find games that the kids could play and interact with. We got Mario cart for it and that's kinda fun they think. Then we got the Wii Fit because I'm determined to get "fit" (ha! who am i kidding, i have three body is no where near getting fit...) Anyways, i found that there are actually other games that you can get that go with the Wii Fit board and that the Wii Fit didnt come with just exercise stuff. There's a fun game with marbles that you have to get in holes. That's fun. Brendens a professional at it. Anyways, we've also learned to play Baseball on the Wii and mom and I are professional golfers and I myself have become a professional DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) Master - actually, the game says "Nobody moves like you!" and I'm thinking "Ha! No Kidding!" It's fun and a great stress relief. So, i figured that I'd post some picks of the kiddos playing with the Wii.

anyways, tomorrow i plan to get some time and post some of our "fun in the sun pictures"...but as for now, we're having too much "fun in the sun" to get em off the camera...

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