Monday, April 20, 2009

Pictures Pictures and more Pictures...and a little bit of what's going on...

Well it's been a few. We had some rough news last week beginning a few weeks before Good Friday (read: the friday before easter). Anyways, my "other half" and BFF whom some of you may remember from my college days AND the maid of honor in my wedding named Jen recieved some terrible news. About 2 weeks before, she had gotten a call that her brother had been in an accident. HIs names is Elliot (30 years old) and he was a member of the Intelligence section of the United States Air Force in charge of briefing piliots before their missions. He has been to Iraq two times and has been an asset to our country being in contact with the Pentagon concerning the war in Iraq and other issues. In his spare time, he works at a golf course. The news that Jen had recieved was that Elliot was at work and had fallen backwards out of a truck onto the parking lot. He had hit his head but immediately gotten up and began talking to his friends. Instantly he collapsed, falling back to the ground. He was life-flighted to a well known hospital in Miami, close to where he lived in Florida. The doctors found a blood clot in his brain. They were able to remove the blood clot but they also had to remove part of his brain and skull. They removed his skull because his brain is swelling a lot and this way the brain would have room to expand. For the week and a half following, Elliot remained in critical condition and in a coma. On the 8th of April, he went into Cardiac Arrest and after 19 minutes of working on him, they brought him back. They werent sure of the cause of it but they were doing all types of tests on him to figure out the cause. The following day, Jen was able to fly down to see him and she and his long time girlfriend were on their way back from lunch. When they returned to the hospital they were greated by the staff treating Elliot and were informed that he had again went into cardiac arrest and this time, after 30 minutes of working to bring him back, they just werent able to do it. On April 10th, Elliot Lonz joined his father (who passed away in 2006 due to a blood clot in his lung after recovering from a terrible motorcycle accident) in heaven to watch down on four of the strongest people I know. My heart goes out to Jen, her mother Sandy, Elliots girlfriend Pat, Jens husband (and a good friend of mine as well) Brandon and the rest of their family. Such a great loss they have had and I can't imagine going through this. This is a main reason that I havent exactly posted b/c I have been in Norwalk, Ohio for the services for Elliot. Elliot was an avid golfer and after the service by the US Airforce, there was a 21 Golf Ball Salute for him (the services were held at a Golf Course that Elliot worked at in this area). It was a beautiful day for the services.

In the midst of all of that, Easter came and went and I didnt get to post about it. So, here are some pictures from Easter.

Brenden Finally Found his Easter Basket...after searching all over!

The boys try to figure out how to eat this candy that was left lying around.
Peyton thought that is was pretty cool to wake up and find toys hidden all over the place.

Before we could even blink, Peyton was eating a chocolate covored marshmallow egg...

We also had to take time out to find the eggs hiding around the house...
Aside from that, we've been enjoying the nice warm weather. We spent some time on the back deck playing with the bubbles that the Easter Bunny left us. I think the neighbors especially like the bubble whistles that the lovable easter bunny left us. Nice and high pitched, that Easter bunny must have really been thinkin!
Peyton learned to go up the slide on his own he keeps going up and down and up and down.I also captured some great pics of the boys sleeping - they're so close when they Really, they each have their own beds...
We've also spent some time playing with Emily, my friend Ambers daughter. She's turning two this summer and is pretty close to the boys. While they weigh 30 lbs, Emily keep up with them and definatly weighs 34 lbs. We spent time riding four wheelers with her ( I dont even want to picture this when they're in their teens where this could be leading.....) and the twins even picked her flowers - which she graciously accepted and then threw to the ground.

So....that's about it for pictures! That's like a few weeks worth right there. So..check in later for more..when i get them!!!

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  1. So sorry to hear about your friend's brother. What a tragedy. May you find peace in knowing that God never wastes a hurt- He knows the plans He has for each of us. Good will come from tragedy- may his life and his loss not be in vain. Praying for you and your friend's family.