Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Twinsdays and stuck in the bathroom....

So...lets see, lots has went on! We went to TwinsDays in Twinsburg this past weekend...we walked in a parade with Peyton and the twins and were surrounded by approximately 1, 400+ SETS of twins...not people but sets. Crazy, everywhere you looked. Anyways, I made all of our shirts. The boys t-shirts said " Twingenuity (twin-ge-nu-i-ty) (n.) Inventive skill of combining the efforts of two toddlers in the pursuit of a common goal (i.e. candy, toys, room destruction, nap evasion, etc.) See also - twintelligence" and on the back, it said their names and had either 01 or 02 on it. The theme was sports so i tried to make them look like jerseys. Our (me, rick, mom and dads') shirts had Brenden, Landon and Peyton on the front and the back said "Mommy 23 Miracles" "Grandma 23 Miracles" and you get the point. Peytons shirt said "i'm a TGA Survivor " and the back said "and you thought you were tough" They were totally cute and sooo many people asked about where we got them from. Ha ha ha I made them!!!!! Anyways, the whole day was great and we got a pic taken of all of the twins there and the boys...

So let me share this with you - I guess welcome to toddler hood or....welcome to life with twins. The other night, about 3 weeks ago (i'm a little bit late downloading picutres) I woke up at about 4am. I heard someone talking outside of my door. Now keep in mind, my door is oposite the bathroom door. The boys door is beside mine and mom and dads is beside that one. So i listen for a minute and it's my dad....he sounds sort of upset, worried or frantic. So i walk out into the hallway. He's in a t-shirt....talking to the bathroom door. He's going "It's okay buddy, paps out here...can you talk to pap? Paps here...." and jiggling the door handle. I"m thinking "ugh, he's gone crazy..what is he doing. So i say "dad, what are you doing" and he tells me "Well, i got up to get in the shower before work and i knocked on the door like i normally do....and someone knocked back. Now i know that your mom is in bed and she wouldnt have knocked back anyways. I also know that you wouldnt have knocked back and Peyton couldnt be out of of the twins is in the bathroom...and the door is locked." Yeap you guessed it, Brenden had locked himself in the bathroom at about 4am....or sooner, who knows...but this is what we found when we took the handle off of the door to get him out. Now, the lights were off as well and all he had was a nightlight....and the cat.

So....welcome to my Anyways, it's late, past my bedtime and such so i'll try and post more tomorrow..i have some more cute pics from twinsdays.

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