Sunday, August 17, 2008

Just Incase you didnt see...

So i sent out an email about the movie that I made and posted on YOUTUBE but i'm not sure that everyone got it b/c I got a few returned emails. Anyways, I made this as an "awareness video" about Retinoblastoma (the cancer that the boys have). It's only 10 minutes long so if you havent seen it, check it out.

Now, i took the boys to Kiddie Kandids to get their pictures taken. Two hours later and a mommy with a headache, we got these beautiful pictures.

All the Boys (haha my three sons)

I so love barefeet pics - but they definately told the lady she had to smell their "stinky pigs".


Baby P


So, i think they turned out good, i'll pass osme out later on when i get them printed off. Thanks for checkin in!

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  1. Adorable pictures! I love the picture of all three boys with bare feet! I know how hard it is to get three kids looking at the camera let alone smiling at the same time. I'm impressed!! Good job, boys!!