Monday, July 7, 2008

Forget the Big Bad Wolf...who's affraid of fireworks?

Friends, family....i introduce to you....Larry the Cable Guy when he was a baby. LOL.. Dad called me out onto the porch on the 4th and showed me this. B/c of Peytons shirts and his hat, he looked just like a Larry the Cable Guy baby. LOL.

So, this is where we spend most of our time. On the back deck in the "Ga-zee-be". The boys like to play with the quad they got for their birthday, blow bubbles and play with the big lego blocks. The've learned some new words recently. Brenden likes to say "No..." Ha! Cute at first but then it turns so "okay lets go to bed" "No". Or "Okay, lets go eat" "no". so....that's alot of fun. We also learned the word "Bee" such as the annoying thing that stings you. But if you ask brenden, anything is a bee. We've also learned "Duh" thanks to Grandma. Brenden took the big ball bat over to pap.
Pap: Yeah, that's a big ball bat.
Brenden: Duh.
Mommy: *Brenden hands me Peytons toy* "Yeah, that's Baby P's toy..."
Brenden: Duh.


Fireworks, yeap, they were beautiful - we got to see we were packing the van back up b/c the boys were affraid of them. LOL, the first one went off and got their attention and then the second one went off and they were done. Wanted nothign to do with them. So we left before the finale, okay we left before they had pretty much even started. Here's a picture though.

Pools open! Yeah! The temp was only 76 but we got in. Well, mom and rick and I did. Peyton got in .... the raft. He loved it. Can you tell?

Not much else going on. Not alot of time right now to post, we're loving the summer weather but i'll try and post more later. Thanks for checkin in!


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