Saturday, June 28, 2008

Birthday Pictures!

So last weekend we had the boys birthday party...the last two posts were the video's from the first birthday party that I made and then the video from the second that i just made. Take a few to look at those if you havent seen them - they're totally cute! anyways, now here's some pictures from the boys birthday party.
This is Mommy and Daddy helping to open the presents at the begining. then things went crazy and if the present wasnt a toy, it got tossed aside and another bag was grabbed. We lost track of everything!!!This is more opening presents - mommy and daddy finally stepped back and let them choose which ones to open!
Happy Birthday to You! After everybody sang to them, Brenden clapped his hands (Yeah! Good Job) and Landon stuck a finger in the cake to eat it. And BTW I made the cake by was just a backyardigans one with a cicrus tent and some characters ontop. Wasnt the best decorating job but it was cute!
This is after the party playing with their water table that mommy and daddy got them. What a a great idea - mommy thinks to herself.... now we have a change of clothes everytime we come back inside. LOL.
I love this picture! This is GiGi caught off guard holding Peyton. Peyton had a great time too. The boys got a Power wheels 4 wheeler and he even likes to ride on it.
So...that's about all the pictures I have for today - pleanty more to come so keep checking back.

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