Thursday, February 28, 2008

Not much...

So not much is going on here. We took the boys for their pre-op ped. apt. yesterday for their eye exams on the 17th of March. Brenden weighs a wopping 29 lbs, Landon weighs in right behind him at 27.5 lbs and Peyton heading up the back is 13 lbs 10 oz. They're all getting so big. We also celebrated my birthday last night. We had cake and icecream and Grandma and Pap Trescott and GiGi and Great Grandpa C came over. Other than that, we have a nasty cough - these colds wont leave us alone! I found som epictures that i'm not sure if i posted on anything or not so here are some pics of our two crazy boys - Landon in his glasses.

I just LOVE this picture. The other day, Landon was watching Backyardigans (surprise surprise) and it was going off. If you dont know how it ends, they go to their house and say "see ya next time" and then wave. Normally the boys book it to the TV and wave back at them. The other day, Landon got off the couch, ran halfway across the floor to where Peyton was laying and got down on hands and knees and kissed his forhead. Then he proceeded to get up and run to the TV and wave - all on his own. I didnt even have to ask him to give "Baby PP" a kiss. Anyways, this is Landon with Peyton in the picture.

....also remember to keep an eye on our carepages and caringbridge site for all the medical info for the boys.


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