Thursday, March 6, 2008

not much going on

Hello, everyone! I just thought i would let ya'll know we survived all the ICE that we got here isn Louisville. For about a day, our internet, phone and cable was out and then our power went out last night at 9:00 pm. Thankfully, I had dropped the boys off at Grandma and Pap T's house for a big ol slumber party and I was the only one left here to freeze in the dark until Rick got home at 1:00am from work. Nice too that by the time he got home from work and found his way in the pitch black up to the bedroom, the power came on. So at two in the morning we had to walk all around the house turning the lights off. Uhm....other than that not much else going on. Peytons growing by leaps and bounds and i'm sure he's wishing that he could play with the boys.

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