Monday, February 18, 2008

Is it really this easy?

So I guess if Kristin has 2 kids under three and can do this, there's no excuse for me having 3 kids under two and not doing this. So here it goes, I'll try and write on this blog as well as our carepage and caringbridge sites. I guess my preggo mind before i had Peyton wouldnt let me understand how to work seems as if that runs in the family with this whole blog thing...but anyways, now that i'm not preggo, I think i get it. Now if i can only figure out posting on the Trescott page....that may take time. Anyways, since the kids are sleeping (how lucky can you get - all at the same time) I'll write what's been going on here.

We're severly addicted to the Backyardigans (Think cartoon). Infact, come birthday party time, expect to see a backyardigans invite. I think i know every song from every cartoon that they've made. I think i'm a little more excited for that then the boys are. We're trying to stay away from colds and all but I think they're following us wherever we go b/c i think we've had 3 so far this winter. Peyton is holding his own with his two brothers. He loves to smile and laugh at them. Expecially when Landon tells him his name (sounds like "Yandun") and when brenden calls the kitty (sounds like "titty titty titty). We're having a blast!

We went sled riding the other day - first time playing in the snow for the boys.

It was all that the boys could do to walk in the snow - half the time they were laying face down. They had fun for the 20 mintues we were out there. Anyways, I hope that this works when i post it. If not, i'll try again next time!


  1. Yeah glad you started a blog. Now we can keep up with your kidders too!!

  2. The boys look too cute on the sled all bundled up. I bet they had a blast! Stay warm and healthy!