Monday, April 19, 2010

What exactly is being done here....

This is a picture of an eye with a radiation plaque attatched to it. Below is a picture of a radiation plaque before it is inserted in the eye. The doctor puts into consideration the size of the tumor and then the depth of the tumor and that all determines the amount of iodine radioactive "seeds" on the plaque.

The holes on the edges of the plaque are used to stitch the plaque in place. For more - and probably better info - on this whole procedure go to The Cleveland Clinic's Web site on the Radioactive plaque.

Right now, we are in our hospital room. We got here around 12ish and Brenden has been getting noticably better. He came up here with a fever of 99.9 and it broke after a dose of Motrin. He then ate one italian ice, 2 dishes of ice cream, some teddy grahms, salad, cherry tomatoes, a few pieces of chicken, a bowl of fruit, half a bowl of peaches and a can of sierra mist. Now he's sleeping. Tomorrow, hopefully he'll feel a little bit better and be more up to atleast playing the wii and a few games. As for me...i"m gonna get to bed. Tomorrow i'll post pictures of Sesame Street Live.

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