Monday, April 19, 2010

We've checked into our hotel....

Let me tell you a little about it by telling you what Peyton and Landon said when they saw it:

"It's got 2 potties!!!!" (I didnt have the heart to tell them that one wasn't exactly a potty, however, Pap showed them that they both weren't).
"Wook at the shower!!!!" Marble walls, glass doors and gold trim.
"It's sooooo big!!!!" (Yeah it's huge!)
"Two Beds!!!"

...and one very tired and woosy Brenden.

His hospital room is in what used to be the V.I.P wing of the hopsital where there were famous people according to the staff. He's taking it easy for now and resting so later, prolly after I get a rest and he's sleeping tonight, i'll post some more...even some from Sesame Street Live.....

He'll have to keep this in for 2 days so on wednesday morning they'll take it out and we'll head home. I cant wait and neither can Brenden.

Thank you for all the thoughts and prayers...they're greatly appreciated.

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