Wednesday, February 24, 2010

All eyes on us....

All eyes Alot about the eyes to talk about this time...Peyton, well, he's been playing with Mr. Potato heads glasses. As you can see. He's keepin his mommy on her toes - that's for sure!!!

...and eating boxes? Ha the things we do to occupy these kids lol.
...aaaaaaaaaaand....we've had tons. of. snow. and we're supposed to get more. snow. ugh. I'm tired of it. I know I live in ohio, deal with it and quit complaining..

But i'm sick of it...i'm sick of 12 inches of snow at a time. This is crazy.

Finally, It's a little late to be reporting this but better late than never! On Monday of this week, we went to Cleveland with Landon. I'll start off by saying "i'm glad that it's OVER." We woke up early and headed up. We had to be there at 9 or 9:30 and we got there at 9:15....after leaving at 7. It took us two hours to get there!!! Traffic, Traffic, Traffic!!! Landon had no clue really what was going on on the way up there... once we got there, he started asking but was still okay. He was set on talking to and flirting with the nurses. (Notice in the picture above how his eye turns in? That's what was being fixed...)
He knew that eventually he'd be getting a "breathing treatment" which is when they put him to sleep. After a little bit of a wait and some happy juice, he was finally taken back. He did so good. He was saying "mommy, that mecinin made me feel funny...." and "I tant sit up, it's hard to!" When we got back to the OR, he layed on the table for them and told them all about his pictures in his photo album and then they asked him if he could count to 10. He said "Yeah!" and started to....only making it to 7.

After about an hour and a half, Dr. Traboulsi came out and told us that he was out of the OR but not awake yet. He said that there was alot of scar tissue from where the muscles had been cut prior for his surgery at 3 months old for the plaque. The muscle had apprently attatched it self to the eye and he said it was a little harder than he had expected to do because of that. However, he did it and although Landons vision wont ever be perfect out of that eye, hopefully it wont turn back in a

After a rocky wake up time in recovery, we headed home. Later that night, he was feeling back to himself.
Brenden on bottom, Landon behind him.

Brenden laughing.
Brenden again.Landon was tired....really tired...and his eye was still sore but day by day it's getting better. It looks so much straighter now. I'm so proud of him, he seems to be doing better now...not hurting so much. of my more recent favorite pics.


  1. Awesome.... what a special boy he is ... and the eye looks great! happy and releived that things went so well. It's all good for you guys!!!!

  2. I am so glad it turned out well! I hope he is still doing good.

    I also love your new set up better than mine! Not that I want 12 inches of snow ;)

    ps. I posted an award for you today