Monday, April 7, 2008

What a month so far....

Wow...well we started the month off with a terrible cold. I had the pleasure of getting it first. Landon got it second, Brenden was soon behind and just when we thought it was over....Peyton has a cough now and a sneeze with a runny nose. Maybe it'll only take a month for these colds to pass with 3 kids and me. UGH. This is pretty much where Landon stayed when he was sick.

So...the boys have found a new place to play (hide). I took all my scrapbook stuff out of the entertainment center corner cabinet and now that's where they play - and eat their animal crackers.

Okay so Peyton is trying to sit up on his own and I though it would be about time to get out the exersaucer and see how he did in it...and the boys thought they would see how THEY did in it. Never a dull moment.

So Peyton waited around...and waited some more for his brothers to play with the exersaucer. He hung out in his swing for a bit...

And finally it was his turn to play in the exersaucer. He loves it, as long as he can see his mommy. If mommy walks out of the room anytime...the world starts to end I guess b/c he flips out.

Anyways, look for some more pictures to come, i fnally got the cute ones off the camera from a long time ago and i'll post them on here. Other than that, it's been an okay month. Lots of stuff to get done before the end of the month (look for an upcoming email if your on the email list for Peyton - most likely you'll all get it). Other than that, I was in a wedding on April 5th. Once i get pictures back, i'll post them. It was for my best friend Amber and i was the Maid of honor (she said I'd be the matron but she didnt want me to feel old.....hahaha - she thinks she's funny). We took some awesome pictures so I'll post them once i get some good ones. What a weekend it was though from rehersal dinner to the reception it was all a blur - I dont remember my wedding being like that - okay so maybe i do... Anyways, that's about all i got for you - Oh! Wait. They boys are becoming alot more vocal. Brenden says "Mom, Dad, Landon (Yandin), Kitty Kitty Kitty (Titty Titty Titty), Tractor (Tac) , Pap (Paw), More (Mor), and Please (Pea) and Baby Peyton (BabyP). Landon says pretty much the same and witht he same pronunciation though he says Brenden "Din Din" , Up and Open "Ope" and he still only does the sign language for more. We're getting there though. So...that's all now.

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